Horrible Location Services


    I am not really sure where this issue lies, except that I've never had good service with T mobile. My calls have always dropped, people constantly tell me my calls are cutting out, ads like crazy on everything(even getting pop ups on this website), and worse I don't think my GPS has known where I'm at for the past year and a half.  Ive called and had this issue "resolved" probably like 4 times but I gave up because theres nothing they can do.

    I would say maybe its my phone LG G5, but I know people who have this and the v20/10 and have had 0 issues. I've reset, I've altered my mobile data, I've done all physical alterations. Its just sad. Seeing a thread earlier they offered to warranty switch it, never has that been offered for me. I am distraught that I pay for a service that only works part time. What can you do to make up for the total lack of resolution?

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Horrible Location Services

        This forum is made up of fellow customers and a few admin. They lack the ability to make account level changes. As such there is not much that can be done for you on this forum other than providing you advice that would lead to solving your issues. I will say that your issues with ads is 100% unrelated to the network you are on. If that is one of the things that is bothering you than I advise you look into uninstalling apps until they stop, and visit websites that don't have so many pop ups and such.


        I also suggest for the sake of testing just booting the device into safe mode and placing a test call to see if there is any improvements, if yes then there is something going on that you have changed to cause the issue.


        Also I wanted to add that you should make sure the device is up to date and that all apps are up to date. For any account specific concerns you will want to work with the T-force team by calling in or through social media. Just dial 611 on the device to get a hold of them or call 1 (877) 453-1304 from a different phone than the one being effected.


        Hope the info helped and good luck.

          • magenta5596742

            Re: Horrible Location Services

            Worst cell service EVER!!!  Constant dropped calls, calls sound robotic and cuts out every other word.  Text messages wont go through or takes 1 or 2 days to get messages.  Even at my house, if I am not standing in one specific spot calls cut out and break up horribly.  Every time I go to the stores (all 3) I am told that new owers are going up and service will get better.  Well, that was 3 months ago and every time I go in, I am told 30 days, 30 days.  I hate this service.  Especially since the big thing when I signed up was "want a lower more cost efficient service?  Come to T-Mobile.  A $300 PHONE BILL???  How is the cost efficient.  I was paying less at the other carrier.  SO DISAPPOINTED IN T-MOBILE!!  Hate it!!