Auto-pay for bank based bill payers.


    There are two ways to do auto bill paying.

    1) Give every utility and vendor your banking/credit card information and let them take the payment out of your account automatically.

    2) Use your banks bill paying options (for, I believe most, banks like mine that have it) where utilities and vendors send an "e-Bill" to your banks bill paying system.  The bank then pays the bill automatically accourding to your instructions on file for the bill.


    The first way is problematic since many many places will then have your fininancial information on file -- ripe for hacking -- and I refuse to do it that way.


    Recently T-Mobile yet again changed the way their billing system interacts with banks and broke the second method with my banks bill payer system.  They did not notify me and I only found out it was broken when I received overdue and disconnection notices, and late fees.  My bank, a large bank with customers all over the country, worked for months with T-Mobile to rectify the problem and without T-Mobiles help were unable to do so.  They have since ceased to support T-Mobile in their system.  I find this unaceptable.  Every other monthly bill I receive, as well as thousands of other utilities and vendors I do not use, works with that system.


    Now paying my T-Mobile bill has become a chore requiring my constant viligence and repeated interaction with my bank to send checks, and I am mad as heck.


    btw:  No T-Mobile CS rep I have ever spoken too has a clue about the bank based auto pay systems.

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