Outgoing Caller ID Incorrect


    I just opened an account with T-Mobile....it has two lines.  Each of the lines has its own profile.  However, the outgoing caller ID for each line has my name.


    I need to get the ID changed for the other profile as it is for an on-call medical professional.


    When my account was set up at the T-Mobile store, they indicated that each line would its own outgoing caller ID.


    Can someone help me remedy this situation?



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      • dragon1562

        Re: Outgoing Caller ID Incorrect

        You will need to contact the T-force team for a issue like this one. This can be done by phone or social media. To contact by phone just dial 611 on your t-mobile device. To message them via social media just message T-mobile support on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck and come back here if you need more info or have any questions.


        Also to be clear this forum is mainly made up of your fellow peers and I am  not a T-mobile a employee. The few admin that are here will lack the ability to make account changes which the reason I have directed you to the main T-force team.


        Hope all the info helps and your problem gets solved.

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