Galaxy S8 goes from 4G to E or G networks when making or receiving a phone call for the past week or so. Any idea why?


    I'd noticed the quality of my phone calls was very poor lately. Pretty much every time I'm on a call, I have to call the person back because the connection is terrible. Half the time I'm in the car, using the Bluetooth so I thought it was that. Today, I noticed something, though. I had the 4G icon, and I was using the Internet just fine then I placed a phone call. It went to E. As soon as I hung up, it went back to 4G. I tested it several times and saw the same thing happened. I then called myself from a land line and again, the same thing. Phone was on 4G and as soon as the line started ringing, it switched to E. This is extremely annoying. I should add that this phone was a Christmas gift and it was purchased in Hong Kong. But I've had it for almost 2 months and didn't have this problem before so not sure what the deal is.

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