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Customer service experience?


    Called about my bill and after being transferred from a business account customer service rep to a non-business account customer service rep who couldn't help me, and then back to a business account customer service rep, I was talked over by a "supervisor", treated disrespectfully and laughed at.  I am so angry and disappointed with T-Mobile customer service reps.  I don't have any problem going into the store or e-mailing but the reps who operate the phones at T-Mobile have no respect for people who are ultimately paying their wages.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Customer service experience?

        Hey, kmcdonald! Welcome to our Support Community -- I'm sorry that we're not meeting you under better circumstances!
        It's disappointing to read about this experience -- both that we took up extra minutes in your day for a transfer that wasn't helpful, and that you didn't feel supported, especially by a member of our management team. We definitely should be conscious of the contribution that our customers make to our success as a company; but moreover, we approach Care with a resolve to give every customer an experience even better than the one we would want, and it doesn't sound like that happened here at all.
        We appreciate the feedback, but also want to make sure that your issue was ultimately resolved. While our Care teams don't have an email address; I know that designated business representatives sometimes do -- was this an issue you were able to resolve via email, or was there a specific reason you were reaching out over the phone? If you don't mind letting us know a little more about what's going on, we're happy to troubleshoot device questions or general account concerns here! Additionally, if reaching out online is a good fit for you and the email route isn't working, our T-Force team provide social media support on Twitter and Facebook, and have a secure platform for account verification -- so if the issue's one that requires account review, we've got you covered in those channels if that works!

        Please let me know what we can do to help.

          • kmcdonald

            Re: Customer service experience?

            As I stated earlier, I am not able to access anything other that pay bill

            on the T-Mobile website.  My service is suspended when that supervisor

            specifically said I had 18 more days to pay before suspension.  This is

            going to result in more fees as a result of her disrespect and failure to

            provide at least decent customer service.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Customer service experience?

                I understand, kmcdonald! I just replied to your private message and then saw this response on your thread. I was glad to read that your initial concern was resolved by the last person you spoke with, but if you're also having trouble with the website, that's something that we want to make sure you're mentioning to the Business Care, Customer Care, or T-Force teams. The MyTMobile site for Business accounts does have fewer options overall than MyTMO for consumers, but this may be something where we need to set your permissions correctly (as the account Master, if that's the case), or we need to file a ticket with our web team to report the access issues.

                  • kmcdonald

                    Re: Customer service experience?

                    The service was restored but the issue with your deplorable supervisor

                    seems to be ignored.  I can't imagine how many other customers have had a

                    similar experience with her or how many may have in the future.  The girls

                    I spoke with today were attentive to my issues and apologetic.  They were

                    awesome!  The other representative needs extensive training in customer service or a job

                    where she is not dealing with the public.