Permissions on Galaxy S8 not reflecting on Name ID and T-Mobile apps


    I have been dealing with this issue for awhile now and spent a few hours on this but cant seem to get this resolved. Basically even though I seem to have full access on the website, I am limited to my options on the T-Mobile app and cannot view/change settings such as usage and details for all my lines, media settings, profile settings, etc. With this as well, and actually the thing that pushed me to reaching out for help, is I cannot use the Name ID app either, something I pay $5/month extra for (promo deal) and should be included with the One Plus feature. When trying to use the number lookup part of the Name ID app or the app settings to manage the subscription I am getting an error saying that I am not the PAH and will need to be registered as such in order to enable this service. I have contacted care and tech support already regarding this issue, and I have been browsing through forums and support pages myself but cant seem to get this to work. Has anyone else ran across this issue and/or have a resolution to it?


    Just so everyone knows I have got my bases covered I have tried:

    -verifying that I am the PAH listed (disabling this and re-enabling it)

    -establishing myself as the parent line for the family allowances (comes with the Netflix feature)

    -clearing both data and cached data for the app (as well as uninstalling updates and reinstalling)

    -enabling all app permissions

    -force stopping app and restarting

    -attempted on both wifi and cellular data

    -rebooting several times (after each step)


    Here is a screen of both my T-Mobile app and Name ID app to show you what I mean:

    I am fairly confident at this point that it is not just the app itself but something to do with my account, I have tried this again on a couple other devices as well with the same result now. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      • vanocut10

        could this possibly be related to one of the following?

        -the $5 one plus feature instead of the normal $10 one

        -family allowances feature

        -My T-Tobile ID previously being tied to a different account(s)

        -my account being a special account rather than your regular individual/regular account


        I don't think its any of these because I don't remember it working before or after adjusting any of these, with the exception of the account type.

        (i can't remember if it was working before I converted the account not really caring/knowing of these features before)

        • vanocut10

          I just got a message back from Privacy Star (the new supporter of the latest Name ID app for T-Mobile) and this is what I got:

          Hi there and Good Morning


          You've reached T-Mobile Name iD Support. We provide email assistance on issues or questions relating to the app's features, etc..


          Thank you for providing us with a screenshot of what you are reeving.


          Since T-Mobile handles account questions and issues, please visit my or the t-mobile website or contact T-Mobile support as they most likely will need to update something in their systems.


          Hope this information was helpful.


          We're marking this ticket to *Solved* but should you need to follow back up with us about it, please just reply and it will re-open automatically.


          Yours Respectfully,

          PrivacyStar Support

          • tmo_chris

            This is something account related for sure. I am going to reply to your first post here Re: Name ID app gone on Samsung S8