4g lte cellspot what am i doing wrong?


    I've tried everything, please help. where I'm staying at right now, the cell service is horrible, i can't get wifi except the wifi i purchase through the place I live and it's $10 per device per week. I got the wifi for my laptop and have tried multiple hotspot apps and those are filled with viruses and jam up my pc. I just had one of the t-mobile 4g lte cellspots delivered and I'm trying to set it up using my laptop that has the wifi connect as the router. Why is this not working? I've got the wan cord plugged in right. I've tried plugging it in and letting it do its thing, no, I've tried sharing my wifi connection with the device, no. In my network connections, it's showing that it is recognizing the cellspot device and that its got 100 mps available but I cant get an internet connection to go either way to at least get the thing to do its initial setup, let alone anything else. Is what im trying even possible?

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