Why no benefit for "simply prepaid" customers?


    Using tmobile simply prepaid for 12 months. I have $45/month simply prepaid plan. Its $51 after taxes.


    1. Why tmobile does not give receipt of the payment I make every month? I called several times but no result

    2. There should be post-paid plan for $45/month with similar/better benefits than prepaid. But tmobile does not give any good reason for prepaid customer to go post paid.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, vinaykumar8687!


        After being on the Simply Prepaid plan for over a year, it's fair to say that you've got a pretty good grasp on what this plan does/doesn't include for its monthly cost. To answer your questions -


        • Pay in Advance accounts are not eligible for payment history requests. I understand how this would be helpful, but there are a few recommendations I have on this - payments made in-store are provided a receipt or utilize bank statements to show proof-of-payment.
        • With both Pay in Advance and Postpaid accounts, we want both of them to have access to the same great plans at the low prices we offer. The benefit of switching to Postpaid lies is the extra features you may have access to such as: Equipment Installment Plan (allows you a monthly payment option on new devices and accessories), payment request options, ability to view your usage on My.T-Mobile.com, possibility of adding multiple lines on your account to save money on a family plan, and so much more!


        Let me know if you have any questions!

        • dragon1562

          Other benefits that should not be overlooked is the fact that on postpaid with the new plans taxes and fees are included. Also on the postpaid side you get access to domestic roaming for additional coverage. As well as international roaming included in 140+ countries. If you were to switch to Postpaid with auto pay enabled and use less than 2GB a month of data you could pay as little as 60 dollars a month. This is a steal if you use any of the benefits.


          Honestly though if you are happy with your plan and it meets your needs then I would just enjoy the service.

          • vinaykumar8687

            Which post paid plan is $60.month?