Can't dial 907 from Canada on Bell, including land/mobile; wifi calling no go either


    Been struggling with tech support today, and they haven't been much help.


    I can NOT call any 907 # from Canada - I am in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, been here before (3x), including 2 weeks ago with no problems.  But today, I am not able to call a single line in area code 907 today.  I've even tried Wifi calling.


    Anyone have any ideas?  I can call New York, California, Florida, and even Hawai'i.   I've tried 1907, +1 907, and just 907.  It will just dial and hangup, with no error message.  I'm connecting on 4G, with 4 bars, and service is Bell Canada.  Data works fine, and I can send/receive text messages.  Including texts to Alaska.  I can also get calls FROM these numbers.


    --Frustrated in the cold

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