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    This place totally screwed me and my family.  First i could not receive service in my house right in the heart of downtown San Jose. Then they kindly sent me signal extender boxes, which didn't work at all. After 18 months i decided to cancel and turn in my phone to this location. They then lost my phone and charged me over 300.00 in fees. Finally after 3 months they located the phone and told me the account was settled. I spoke to a nice lady that was a corporate manager. She told me that she had notated the account and I would not have to worry about any further charges.  Then i get a letter sent to my address that was changed over a year ago saying that sent the account to COLLECTIONS. I received not one phone call!  I spoke to 3 different so called managers at the corporate number.  They basically said there was nothing that could be done.  I have now for the last year been fighting and disputing these collections. T-mobil has refused to help me repeatedly with the collection company.  It is only $75 that is in collections, i am fighting this on principle, plus my wife and i are trying to repair our credit to buy a home for our new family. This has set us back at least year.  I am writing this in an attempt to get some answers and help from Tmobil. If no help or answers are given i will continue to update on my collections dispute and the havoc it is causing within my family. i would appreciate a call or email. Thank you.

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      • mrmks92234

        Re: Undeserved Collections

        If you haven't as yet contacted the president of T-Mobile regarding this matter, I suggest you do so at john.legere@t-mobile.com


        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Undeserved Collections

          Wow, this is such a pain having to deal with this as long as you have. This isn't normal, but if collection issues like this do happen we can pretty much get this resolved fairly quickly. I think there's more that can be done to help. You should reach out to our T-Force team via the Facebook or Twitter social media links on our Contact Us page. I know they have the account resources to look at this further and may be able to push this a long a little bit. Please take the time to reach out to them so our team can take another shot at handling this for you.