It is very hard for me to believe in this age of technology that I have to send a letter by mail to voice my complaint. I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 18 years and this is the worst customer service I have ever received. I called today with an issue and instead of a resolution I was hung up on twice. He did have the decency to call me back the first time to act like the call dropped. My phone does not drop calls!!! The second time the call "dropped" I was asking to speak to someone else. Needless to say he didn't call back this time. I called T-Mobile back and was told there was no one I could speak to and I have to send a letter. Seriously? With all the technology we have? I also corresponded with someone on the live chat who also informed me there wasn't anyone I could speak to and she could pass it along. I asked if I could talk to her via phone and after sitting idle for awhile with no response, I disconnected from the chat. I called the number for Headquarters and hung up after holding on for 8 minutes listening to music with no human or recording directing me to an extension. I am not a person who normally complains but this is ridiculous. If I am no longer important after almost 18 years of loyalty to your company then I will definitely find another company. Does anyone in this forum know of a way to file a complaint other than snail mail?

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      • magenta4144601

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        I have terrible experiences with calling the customer service.  My billing was incorrect.  In order to correct the billing, I had to repeatedly to explain this issue to different  people who work at T Mobile customer service for days...... Just today, I have talked to six people at T-Mobile customer service... Terrible experiences... 

        • tmo_chris

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          Hey corettac

          I am very sorry to hear that you are having to go through such a poor experience with us. Please know that we greatly appreciate your many years of loyalty and it is never our intent to leave you feeling wronged or ignored. If your only concern is filing a complaint, the mailing address of for our customer relations team is the best way to ensure your feedback is received.


          If your concerns are something that still need to be addressed and are related to your account, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter private message (links in my signature). They will be able to pull up your account and assist you with any concerns you have and can also provide feedback to the necessary teams about the complaint you want to file.



          I apologize that you had to make so many calls to our care teams to resolve your billing issue. Dealing with your cell phone bill should never be at the top of anyone's priority list. From your comment, it sounds like we were able to correct the issue but did you still have any lingering concerns about your billing that I could possibly assist you with?

          • mrmks92234

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            Oh yes, there is DEFINITELY another way to file a complaint which will garner a response:  email John Legere at


            Mr. Legere will be receiving my 2nd complaint in as many days regarding T-Mobile Customer non-Service. Ironically, Customer Service does not know who John Legere is!