SMS duplication when Gear goes into Standalone mode


    How is this still a thing?  I see thread after thread on this issue since the Gear S3 and the release of DIGITS with no solution in sight.  I've yet to find a way to prevent all of these read messages, some deleted even, from surging back to my watch, every single time it switches to Standalone mode.  Has anyone found an actual solution?


    Gear - WIFI Off, Bluetooth On

    Phone - Bluetooth On

    Gear App - Everything on including Remote Connection

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      • tidbits

        Samsung has to fix it...


        Here's why it happens


        When you are connected through bluetooth it sends the information to the watch and not through any other means.  When the watch unpairs the watch is unaware it has those messages and so when it comes in via network it treats them as new and even overwrites the same messages it already has.  T-Mobile has no control of the code to change how that works.  They need to have Samsung change how it works or modify it.  As long as Samsung doesn't do it then it will never be "fixed".