Super Data Users


    Hello T-Mobile,


    I understand you have a basic unlimited plan at $75 with two additional price points of plus $10 and plus $25.  I am a data hog.  I would like for T-Mobile to add other optional price points of +$50 and +$75.  I am willing to fairly pay about $125 to $150 instead of just $100 for a truly unlimited experience.  However, I am stuck at paying $100 because you all max out at $75 +$25.  Please give clients the option to sign up in $25 increments to expand their unlimited plan. 


    I know this seems counter intuitive.  However, I don't have cable or satellite at home.  Thus, I know I am a mobile data hog.  I want a win/win situation for both myself and T-Mobile.  Allow data hogs to pay between $125 and $150 monthly for a truly unlimited experience without being throttled.  Plus, I think it will improve T-Mobile's profitability.  I realize some people can only afford the $75 + $25.  I don't want them to be impacted.  However, I can afford to pay a little more and I think others can too.  So please provide additional price points or tiers of between $125 and $150 monthly for individuals without cable and satellite at home.


    My suggestion is to have a $75 plan a plus $10, a plus $25, a plus $50, and a plus $75.  The plus $50 and the plus $75 can be optional for people that don't have cable or satellite at home.  It's also for people who don't like to use public WiFi.  T-Mobile can improve profitability.  Clients coming over from AT&T or Verizon can CHOOSE to pay more to get the value they want.  I think it will provide a more win/win experience for data hogs.

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