WIFI data usage counts against mobile data plan


    Why does WIFI data use count against my mobile data plan?  I am told I must manually turn off data when I am in my home using my very fast WIFI or it will count against my "data bucket".  Why does T-mobile know anything about my WIFI usage since it costs T-mobile nothing.  Just finished a chat with support and though the T-mo support website says WIFI data won't count it "implies" one has to turn off data for an app before that will happen.  If WIFI calling can seamlessly transfer from WIFI to mobile why can't data?

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        Re: WIFI data usage counts against mobile data plan

        What device you have and do you have wifi assist turned on?  If you do that's why it is counted up to a point.  Wifi assist uses both connections to download something.


        Also sometimes some things you are doing going from a data connection to another doesn't always hand off.  If there is no delay in what you are doing or an error it kept the mobile data until it is finished.  You should see it disconnect going from wifi to cellular.  IF it could it would hold onto wifi, but it isn't there and it drops.  On Cellular it's there and it keeps until completed instead of dropping and having you start over.

          • farmerboy

            Samsung G550T Android 6.1 No Wi-Fi assist for this phone.  Most data

            happened at home and while asleep.  Data usage stats on the phone say

            only a tiny amount of mobile data, but T-mo counts even my WIFI data use

            as part of my "data bucket" and therefore says I am over on my plan. 

            Why do they count WIFI data and not separate it as is done with WIFI


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                should be download booster.


                Not all data acquired throughout the day gets reported as you use it.


                We had this discussion a while back the on phone data thing has a disclaimer to rely on what the carrier says because apps at times can hide data usage.


                For example I know from time to time Facebook would never report the correct usage.  I ended up using the web browser for it to get more accurate results.

                  • farmerboy

                    Here is another detail.  I can't move much.  I can't make a cellular call

                    inside my house because of its metal insulation so almost all my calls are

                    WIFI. Sometimes i am in my yard, (when it isn't below zero) and can get a

                    cellular calls then when i am connected to a tower.    So, 99% of my data

                    use is in my home on WIFI.  Won't my phone choose the stronger WIFI signal?

                    Isn't android made to do this automatically?

                    All T-mo support offered was to upgrade my data plan.


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                      • tidbits

                        Samsung modifies it's code, and As with software even Google can't always promise their code will do it's job.

                          • farmerboy

                            So, nothing has changed in how TMo takes credit for data I use on my home WIFI and then says I have maxed out my plan and slows me down when I DO need to use mobile data when out and about.  No code issues here.  Most all apps are already prevented from using data in background and only update on WIFI.  .  It's pretty clear on the monthly report that the connections were via WIFI.  The problem remains that TMo still wants to count it against my data bucket even though it was not provided by them.

                            A surprising disappointment compared to mostly tolerable service.  And no, I am not going to upgrade my data plan.