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    So annoyed and just dont even know if it worth even fighting or to just find a new carrier and figure out how to dispute charges...


    Since my "Jump Lease" expired 6 months ago the remain balancing on device was added to my bill. I called to get the lease extended and honestly EVER 2 weeks it would get suspended because " previous rep didnt set it up correctly"... Having to call that many times and being "disconnected" 5-7 times and having to call back and be on hold forever is so horrible its self, then having to repeat yourself over and over being transferred around. Because the device and service was combined I was told dont make a payment on my bill due to may have issues deciding how much would actually go to what so not until issue resolved make a payment. These calls are recorded for a reason right? I told the rep and questioned multiple times I dont want to not pay and get hit with a large bill at the end because they cant get it together on their end.. I was told due to the issue being such a hassle I was okay for the month and continue paying the following month cause everything would be squared away.. WRONG!!! then 3 months past and I cant extend my lease on the device because its been past the days allowed since "Jump lease" expired. How is that my fault when Ive been calling since it had expired and cant split the payments onto monthly bill. Then device had its own issues and sent iphone because it was defected back in 11/2017 and in my documents it said I had jump lease on my device, thinking okay cool things are finally resolved! NEGATIVE!!!


    finally back on  Dec 29,2017 did they just adjusted the amount of remaining balance of phone off my bill but was hitting me for the months i was told not to pay.. plus restore fees from line being suspended EVERY 2 WEEKS! I told the rep look I have no problem paying my bill but I was told not to and dont worry it'll be taken care of and what i didnt want to happen is happening and have the huge amount when I said can I make some payment because I was afraid this would happen. then rep said we can setup a payment arrangement but when the service was getting shut off and having to deal with this stressful issue and basically being lied to having rep act and make you think they're helping and doing a solid for their fault on their end.. and at the end of the day you're paying more in additional fees you had no control of.


    Oh and I was told today well I should have turned in the device and upgrade and this issue wouldnt happen... WELL maybe it would have been nice for someone to have said that SIX months ago! and told I spoke to many reps and theirs nothing they can do but I ask if they would pull the calls recorded to prove I was told this since of course it wasnt documented in their notes go figure! I was told supervisor from certain calls would call about my complaint and they could get the recorded calls by a expedited date... that was 6 days ago and yet to hear back and when I bring these another lies i was promised up then beat around it and say well the issue is resolved nothing they can do.. yeah the initial issue was resolved just Dec 29th! took long enough and now theres a new issue because I was fooled thinking they actually care and sorry for the huge stressful issue but I am assume it was told just so they didnt have to deal with it. and this whole no contract thing is a joke because they accept you to have to upgrade and if you dont this is what happens.. messed up for people like me how can careless what little features are updated and they want you spend another $800 on a device and pay monthly installments that will never reach the full amount within months given to pay off by so either get a new one and bind yourself in a higher balance or hit with the remaining and pay it off but end up paying more because now you own the device you dont get their special plan discount.


    Really want others to beware of this messed up deal and really know what you're getting into. If anyone has had a similar issue greatly appreciated if you could lmk if issue was resolved or how to dispute the balance they're trying to make you pay through corporate? Done dealing with people who ultimately say well nothing they can do and have this rude tone;any Tmobile Supervisor out there who will actually address my issues and get back to me instead of getting the run around?!?!?!






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        Re: JUMP! Lease balance

        Being without service, especially when it sounds like it's happened more than once -- is definitely not what we want for you!
        If I'm reading this correctly, it sounds like your JUMP! On Demand regular lease payments ended and the remaining balance hit the bill before you'd had a chance to split it into a Purchase Option Installment Plan. Then a dispute was entered to prevent the entire balance from being due while we worked to split the device balance up after the fact. So far, this makes sense -- but I think the big problem here is that it sounds like we didn't advise you (as we should have) to continue making payments for service while the device balance issue was being resolved. If that's correct, then that's a big misstep, and we should definitely be able to take a look at the account memos and get that squared away for you.

        It sounds like you've been reaching out for assistance, but are looking for another avenue. I can definitely understand the appeal of online support! Our Support Community is a public user forum, so we don't have a secure platform to verify and review customer account details. Our T-Force team, on the other hand, can do just that! Please reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook so that we can take a closer look and figure out what needs to happen to get this resolved for you once and for all! Thanks for taking the time to post here!


        - Marissa