TMobile only network that doesn't work in our building and area


    All other networks work fine, but Tmobile is super spotty, slow and congested in our office in Irvine area, also bad reception at the Tustin District, don't believe it is a building issue since other networks work fine.

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      • dragon1562

        What is service like outside? What phone are you using? Do others have issues with T-mobiles service? If it is a Samsung device can you dial in this code without the brackets (*#0011#)? If its a non samsung device can you use LTE discovery app to see what you are connecting to?


        Its also important to understand that not all networks are equal. I.E T-mobile mainly uses mid-high frequency spectrum for the bulk of their coverage. This due to the laws of physics is bad for building penetration. Now they do have some low band spectrum that they acquired through a trade with Verizon, but it is not deployed everywhere due to various reasons.


        What I would suggest you doing is taking advantage of wifi calling on the device as a short term fix and attempting to answer the above questions. Once we get this straightened out you can contact T-mobile via 611 on your device and refer them to this thread for all the info that they may need.


        I hope that I can help you and want to be clear that I am just a fellow customer, so I lack the ability of knowing anything account specific(which you should avoid on this forum).

        • drnewcomb2

          Here's an independent coverage map of Tustin, CA, showing known cell sites. Where is it that you're having problems?

          Re: Your indoor issue. T-Mobile has only 5x5 MHz of available low-band spectrum in SoCal. It becomes congested pretty quickly. To make the most of it you need a phone with at least 2-channel Carrier Aggregation (CA). T-Mobile also tends to dial back the power to be able to get the most out of what they have. This does cut back on the indoor service. As dragon1562 says. If you have access to WiFi, that's one solution. New low-band spectrum should become available early next year, which should greatly improve the situation but which will require a new phone.

            • gsparker

              Thanks! yes I think I'm very near that black area the dead area is cross streets Barranca and Von Karman, since I couldn't quite zoom into the picture. unfortunately wifi is not an option an my job. 

                • drnewcomb2

                  I'd call Customer Service and file a service complaint about the lack of LTE service outside, on the north side of the building, and also mention that service inside is poor. Here's what happens. T-Mobile has a very conservative engineering department. They tune their network for maximum data throughput. This means they default to using the minimum power and antenna coverage that will provide a desired level of service outside. They could be like AT&T and tilt the antennas higher and crank up the power, but that reduces data throughput. By filing a service complaint you might convince them to tilt the antennas a bit higher, which would "illuminate" the building from different angles, improving inside service. It may not help but it can't hurt.