Porting Samsung Frontier Gear S3 AT&T to T-Mobile?


    I moved from AT&T to T-Mobile with my ATT  Samsung Galaxy S8 very easy, no problems  but so far I have problems with my Samsung Gear S3 AT&T, SM-R765A. In the beginning ATT said that the device is unlocked but it was locked and today I received the desired unlocking code. Please see this:

    Use these instructions to unlock your device.
    Device IMEI number: 352518081022365
    Request number: NUL814418346545
      Hi ALEX,
      Your unlock code: 60294136
      Unlock instructions:
    1. Power off the device and remove the SIM card.
    2. Power on the device.
    3. Enter #0111*, the unlock code, and #. The device cycles off and back on.
    Note: You are allowed five attempts to unlock before your device permanently locks to the AT&T network.
    Note: If your device has been altered from the original manufacturer?s standards, such as rooting the device, your unlock code may not work and you will need to contact the original manufacturer for assistance.

    Contact your manufacturer if you have additional questions.
    Thanks for choosing us,


    I contacted by chatt AT&T to find out how can I unlock the device since the instructions clearly states that I have to remove the sim card because the Gear S3 has an embedded Esim,and it can't be removed. Please see what the AT&T technician said that has to be done:


    Alex : the sim can't be removed it is enbeded in device

    Alex : it is an Esim

    Norah K : Yes

    Norah K : This is why the normal instructions did not let you unlock it

    Norah K : Once you activate this device with the other carrier and they create an E-Sim then it will give the option to unlock it by entering the unlock ocde

    Norah K : Code**

    Norah K : In case of cell phones we Insert the physical SIM for other carrier and we get the option to enter the unlock code as soon as the SIM is entered

    Alex : So what do I do now?

    Norah K : Are you going to activate this device with the other carrier?

    Alex : Yes, T-Mobile

    Norah K : ok

    Norah K : When they activate the device in their account , they will also generate an e-SIM for the gear

    Norah K : You will need the unlock code when they activate their e-SIM in the device

    Norah K : Unlock is prompted to enter at the time when the other Carriers Physical/e-SIM is activated

    Alex : OK, Thank you so much


    I went today to one of my local T-Mobile offices and have been told that AT&T has to unlock the Gear S3  and that they can't create an E-Sim.

    Now I'm confused and don't know what to do. Already the gear's number has been ported, I pay already the monthly fee but is not functional and it appears that T-Mobile personnel in the local offices don't know what to do.

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