Phone unlocking


    I purchased a phone from swappa. It's a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. The buyer stated the phone was bought out right from T-Mobile and has never been reported lost or stolen. His account was in good standing.  I've had the phone for about a month and my account is in good standing. I've requested an unlock several times to no avail. I have had more than $100 in refills and haven't requested an unlock ever .using the device unlock app says the device isn't eligible please contact customer care. When I contacted support the first 3 agents said the device wasn't a T-Mobile phone, which it 100% is. Then another agent told me to contact Samsung .Samsung says this is a T-Mobile phone and only the carrier can unlock it. TMobile says this phone can't be unlocked because it's not showing in their system as a T-Mobile phone. The box, serial number, model number  and everything else says it's a T-Mobile phone. You can't even have the unlock app if it's not a T-Mobile phone. Support has escalated this twice now and I keep getting the same thing .i have put sim cards from other carriers and it only works on T-Mobile. I'm at a loss and confused.

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