Galaxy S8 Data Signal Constantly Dropping in Dubai


    I travel internationally for a living.  On this 12 day trip, I have been in the USA, Germany, Korea, China and twice in the UAE (Dubai).  My Galaxy S8 registers on the Etisalat network in Dubai (UAE), captures a 4G LTE signal and within minutes (sometime seconds) the data signal drops.  There are still signal "bars" showing but no data connectivity (no 4G LTE indication).


    If I momentarily put the phone into and out of airplane mode, it will reestablish a data connection.  But within minutes or seconds, the data connectivity will drop once again.


    I have tried to manually select the Du network, which is the only other network available on my phone in Dubai. The phone will not connect to the Du network, leaving only the Etisalat network and this constant dropping of the data signal.


    Data worked perfectly roaming in Germany, Korea and China.   And yes, I always have the phone configured to allow off network data roaming.


    Very frustrated!

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