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Accessories scam.  Sales rep giving free accessories with a phone purchase, but he actually puts those accessories on 24 month installment payments.


    I just posted my experience in FREE ACCESSORIES SCAM? REPS DENIED THEY OFFERED ME FREE ACCESSORIES. NEVER AGAIN BELIEVE THE REPS , but I found out that thread is already marked "resolved".  So, I'm creating another one.


    I went to get an iPhone X and the sales rep told me they have a promotion now for iPhone X and I would get 4 accessories for free.  I did not even get to choose the items.  He just picked up 4 items.  He told me that these items will show up on the bill but don't worry about it.  When I got home and checked the "free" accessories, I learned that their cost total to $580.  So, I became suspicious (too good to be true) and contacted the T-Mobile customer service rep (CSR).  I asked him if there actually is such a promotion and he said no.  I explained what happened to me and he called the store to find out what's going on.  Then the sales rep from the store told CSR that these accessories are not for free.  The sales rep told me they're free, but he told the CSR it's not free.  Complete liar!  I researched about this online and found out this had been going on for years.  There is even an article with former sales rep and store manager confessing about what they were doing..., accessories scam.  I can't believe this has been going for years and T-Mobile still manages to do this.  Lie to the customers that the accessories are free and then charge the full retail price without letting the customers know until it's too late (via bill).  I really lost the trust with T-Mobile and I'm going to switch all of my 4 lines to else where.  I shared my experience with my friends and family and they're all switching also.  I really like T-Mobile's plan, performance, and price, and I am sad to leave these good things, but I can't support this type of business.

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      • dragon1562

        So as a customer like yourself, I want to say that their is no way T-mobile condones this behavior. It is really sad that you had this experience but you shouldn't take it out on T-mobile as a entity. If service is good in your area, the price is right, and it meets your needs; I would not switch.  Trust me when I say there are plenty of reasons to not want to support T-mobile but this experience is not representative of the entity as a whole.


        I would call into the T-force team and see if they can make things right. Companies are generally pretty good about that kind of stuff. Also posts on this forum get marked resolved after a certain amount of time elapses and you not responding. Letting you know so the same does not happen to this thread.


        Again sorry that this happened to you though it sucks, let me know if I can help in anyway.

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          • tyamaha422

            The best thing that can happen to me is get 100% refund for all 4 accessories including $59.45 sales tax that I paid for as installment purchase down payment.


            I replied to another thread about the signature.  Someone said I should have checked before I sign.  Below is my reply to that post:


            For the signature, it was done on a tablet sized machine.  It was facing to the sales rep and he turn it around to me to sign on it.  He's the one who must have "forwarded" the pages to the last page to prevent me from seeing the items placed on "installment purchase".  I believe the last page explained the return policy.  I figured out what he did after I found out online all these information about what T-Mobile sales reps do.  But even if I saw those items listed on the installment purchase section, I don't know if I would say anything about those because he told me that they will show up on the bill but don't worry because they will be gone before I actually auto pay them.  It is well planned by them.  They know the loop whole of T-Mobile process and use that to "lie" to the customers.

          • magenta4087412

            They did this to me too. Rep said he was throwing in two cases and two screen protectors for the inconvenience of being there for hours only to find out I’m paying for them in installments. Also I traded in my brand new iPhone 7plus with Verizon for a new iPhone 7 Plus with t-mobile and was told to submit final bill with Verizon to receive rebate for amount to pay off trades phone and early cancellation fee. So far it’s almost a year later and I have submitted the forms 3 times only now to be told time limit has past and I now have to eat the final bill from Verizon and T-mobile gets to walk away with a free phone!


            Oh, and I called about the accessories issue and just got “I’m sorry about that”. I have been so frustrated with T-mobile customer service I wish I never switched. I did it for my mom. My very first phone was with voicestream which is now T-mobile. That shows you how far back I was a customer. I had forgotten why I left the first time until now! It was the horrible customer service!!

            • tmo_chris

              Hey tyamaha422,


              We marked the last post as assumed resolved as we had directed the original poster to T-Force and did not hear back from them after several days. dragon1562 has also suggested T-Force to you here and I believe this is going to be the best course of action. For this specific issue, we will need to access your account and we do not have the ability to do that securely here on the community. I sincerely apologize that the way our accessory EIP works was not fully explained to you but I want to make sure that you get the assistance you need. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to send them a private message.


              magenta4087412 - Since you are having a similar situation, I would recommend that you also reach out to our T-Force team so we can take a closer look at your account.

              • tyamaha422

                I was able to solve this problem.  I'm going to leave some tips here for the future victims:

                * Don't bother contacting the customer service reps, they are willing to help, but they just can't help you on this.  They probably don't have enough power to help you with this problem.

                * Don't bother going back to the store you got the "free" accessories from.  Chances are, the store manager is the real crook in that store and he's the one making the sales reps lie to the customers.  This was mentioned in an online article that a former store manager and sales rep told their stories.

                * Don't give up after trying one store.  You will eventually find a store with a sales rep with a human heart.

                * Be ready for a friendly sales rep approaching you turn into another person once you tell them you're there to return some items.  They work under commission.  Once they find out they won't be getting any commission from you, they try not to help you.  Know this in advance, so that you won't get upset by their attitude change.

                * Be ready to show on your phone the T-Mobile web site that says its return policy is that you can return the items to "any" T-Mobile store.  The first thing they might lie to you is that if they take the return items from another store, it will mess up their inventory so I'd have to go back to the store I got the items from.  Yes, this is the actual lie I got from them.  You show them the T-Mobile's real return policy and they will get upset.  But at least, they can't kick you out of the store with this lie.

                * The next lie they might give you is, they ask you "Do you have the receipt", "yes", "Do you have all the items in the original box?", "no" (Who keeps the original box of a screen protector you got for "free"?), "Then No".  I got this lie, and even worse, she turned around, walked away, and started to use her cell phone. 

                * They might lie to you their best to try to kick you out of the store because they know they won't get any commission from you.  Even worse, they might be doing the accessories scam themselves.  Don't try hard, just give up, and move on to the next store.  When you get lies after lies, most likely, this whole store is corrupted.  Don't waste your time in this store.

                * If possible, try to go to the store when there is no other customer, so that all the sales rep in the store would hear your story.  If there are 2 sales reps, you might be able to double the chance.  This is what saved me.  When I went to the store, it was empty and there were 4 sales reps.  The sales rep who I talked to was giving me the same lies.  When I thought this store is corrupted also and about to give up on this store, another sales rep with a human heart walked up to me and said he'll help me.  He took all of the items including cell phone case and screen protector which are on the phone and without the original box.  The sales rep who were just lying to me was complaining to him when he was doing this. 

                * One last important thing.  Even after you return the items, they are still not removed from the installment payment plan (EIP).  The sales rep who took my items told me this.  He told me to contact the customer service rep and get the EIP removed.  So, I contacted the customer service rep and surprised to find out that those items actually were still in the EIP waiting to charge me 24 installments.  This sales rep who helped me might have known this scam and knew how to properly solve it. 



                This is really sad.  T-Mobile has good plans, good performance, and good pricing, but yet, the stores are filled with crooks.  Putting them under commission is making them turn into crooks.  I will never buy anything from the local stores.  I will buy everything online.  No commission involved and no lie happens. 

                • tyamaha422

                  So, I am paranoid about T-Mobile.  I logged on to my account to make sure everything is still ok.  I happened to find a document called EIP_DISCLOSURE uploaded under Account History.  I opened the document and it's a document I've never seen.  I looked through it and see the "free" items the sales rep gave me listed on this document.  Scrolled all the way down and see a signature which does not look like mine...  There is one unique point with my signature, and whoever did this missed it.

                  • tyamaha422

                    T-Force was very professional and helpful.  I would rate Customer Service Rep and T-Force of T-Mobile 10 out of 10.  I definitely will stay with T-Mobile and not move on to another carrier.  I'm still disappointed by the local T-Mobile store sales reps, but my resolution for this is to do everything online directly with T-Mobile without going through any sales rep.  I know I will be a happy T-Mobile customer then from now on.


                      I had a similar experience at my local store! I went in to add my partner to my phone line and the Assistant Manager Sales Rep. told us that a promo was going on where a MegaBoom speaker would be free with our purchase that day. What she really meant is that we didn't have to put anything DOWN that day with our purchase, but actually we were set up on monthly installment plans. It was very evident that we thought this speaker was free and she said NOTHING about paying later, no money down, affordable monthly installments, etc. The only thing she said was that it would be free. Next time my bill rolled around, I realized that we were paying for it. I called customer support who called the store and they denied it all and said I signed off on it. Well, of course I had. All she asked was for a signature that day when I paid for the additional line and I didn't even see anything about paying for the speaker. So, I was stuck with a $300 speaker because it was outside the 14 days to return in-store. I was so upset because I'd had really wonderful experiences in that store before and with T Mobile in general. Fortunately, T Mobile customer support is amazing and they arranged for a warehouse return since the store wouldn't let me return it. I'm amazed at the discrepancy between the service I received over the phone with Customer Support vs. in store.

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