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Samsung BOGO submission


    Just want to add my story, too, which is so similar to yours.


    In December 2017, I went to the store and got 4 Samsung phones per BOGO promotion.

    Came to find out that only one rebate/BOGO is shown on the account as being submitted, which in actuality were 2 submissions for the 4 phones. In addition, the one rebate BOGO reflected on the account is shown as DENIED for reason incompatible with what I got.


    The Customer Service Rep(CSR) said that he will escalate to the management and there was,indeed, no reason for denial  of the submitted BOGO.

    For the BOGO not shown, the CSR attempted to blame it on my daughter that perhaps she did not submit the request. DO NOT EVEN GO THERE AND INSULT US!

    Do YOU really think I did not submit the request for over $750 that I really needed as a single parent?  Wow, speaking of the tone and the way you convey the message; abrupt and sarcastic.


    Quite sure I will have to call few additional times in the near future and get answer or better say " on-spot deceitful answer with  no result."  Sometimes I do believe the CSR just answers to you and tries to get rid of you after inquiring about issues (as it appears to happened today).


    I want to ask you T MOBILE MANAGEMENT:


    1. why do NOT send an email confirmation when the refund /rebate submission is done?
    2. why do NOT inform the customers that their refund submission is denied? a text,  email etc will be very much  appreciated from you.

    3. why do NOT train your staff accordingly so the customer get proper answers and NOT waist time and energy trying to navigate the incompetence of CSRs?

    4 are you relaying on people's lack of time (being busy and taking advantage of this) to create confusion by not having properly trained staff and giving the correct information upfront?


    OF COURSE, perhaps I will never receive any answer to this. However,  I will make sure that the corporate offices  will hear from me with detailed info/ names and dates with regard to all my phone calls. I did not intend to do so initially, but for sure today's conversation changed this option.


    Just the thought that I am losing approximately $1500 makes me really mad. Really, there was no sympathy on the voice of your CSR talking to me today; and " Have a  nice day!"  afterwards... WOW speaking of being sarcastic::: hmmm....we got your money, but you go ahead and have a nice day!


    Each time you  ask a question they either transfer you to another unhelpful one, hang up or better listen to you and nothing happens ever like my phone all never existed. ' Am I in the twilight zone?' I kept asking myself over and over.


    Will have to re-evaluate whether continue have  this carrier. Will do  more research and try to depart. The frustration and headaches are getting too many and too intense.

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      • nelfar212

        Re: Samsung BOGO submission

        @mom2 have you asked to escalated to one of the specialty depts ?  My BOGO issue took around 2 days fix and for my new phones to be in hand, and 30 days to receive compensation that resolved my issue with my final call back coming from the rebate team to provide final adjustments to my account.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Samsung BOGO submission

          Hey, mom2. The experience you're describing sounds terrible from start to finish, and we definitely want to see a resolution here. I think you've offered some great feedback on the rebate process overall -- a submission confirmation and status update via email isn't a system that we currently have created, although right now you can see when your submission's complete because it's assigned a tracking number, and then return to our Promotion Tracking site to follow up using that same tracking number (although there are a few other options as well, the tracking number is definitely the easiest way to isolate a specific submission).


          Do you know if the second submission generated a tracking number? I'm wondering if somehow wires got crossed and it was created but we're having trouble locating it? I am so sorry to read that the site isn't showing any denial code or reason for the submission we were able to locate for your account. That's definitely not how the site should work, and if I were in your shoes I'd be super frustrated as well. It sounds like this has been a bad play across the board, and the experience checking up on this that you're describing sounds totally counter to the experience we aim to provide -- there is *never* any call to make a customer feel that we're being insincere or uncaring. I promise you, we want to do the opposite.


          We want to make sure that this is being fixed for you. Since our Support Community is a public user forum, we don't have a secure platform here to collect customer details and review accounts. That said, if reaching out online works for you, our T-Force teams are fantastic support options and do have a way to safely verify your information so that we can take a look at what's going on and get to the bottom of this. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use either link in my badge below this post to reach out to T-Force on either one of those social media sites -- T-Force communicates through private message on Facebook, or DM on Twitter, and we can see what escalation options we have here.


          We also have a Rebate Care team you can contact directly if you'd like, though I want to add the caveat that they're closed on Sundays. That said, I'll post their contact information here in case you'd prefer to go that route!


          1. Press 1 for English.
          2. Press 2 for Terms & Conditions
          3. Press 2 for General Instructions
          4. Press 1 for Additional Assistance.


          Overall, we definitely appreciate the feedback regarding the improvements you'd like to see to the rebate program, and are super sorry that you're going through this and especially that you felt worse after reaching out for assistance. That's never the goal. I hope you'll contact T-Force if you can -- we hear great success stories from users working with them all the time! Please keep us posted on how it goes. Thank you again, and sorry for the lengthy reply!


          - Marissa

            • mom2

              Re: Samsung BOGO submission

              Hello Marissa,

              Thank you for reaching out to me.


              Per my yesterday's conversation with your CSR, one tracking number was located; it was denied and he had  escalated the issue by resubmitting the request.


              Not quite sure what happened with the second submission; per CRS's advice, I was able to resubmit and got a tracking number. Thus, not quite sure if this is going to be considered or not.


              I do not have any of social media account for the sites you had indicated above,  thus I will continue to call the CSC and  perhaps ask for a manager.

              At this point, I am exhausted dealing with your company and will await to see what happens.


              IF  denied, will pay account in full and go with a different carrier. I cannot take this and have a heart attack or heart stroke for $1500 the least. My time and energy are important and prefer to have the issue solved accordingly. 


              In addition, on Wednesday,  I will go in your physical office near me and hopefully talk to one of the ladies who is very knowledgeable and helped me with other issues previously.


              Dealing with employees who say they will do something and they do not do it, or they have no knowledge of how to solve your issue becomes frustrating when you have a certain level of expectation of solving that specific issue. I feel extremely disappointed and have to chose my battles.


              Does your company have a log with the summary of my calls ?  One just hopes that whoever is doing a bad job, will put a note on the account.


              Does your company can track whom I address/talk to when one calls with an issue? or records the conversation?


              Because make any of the above will make it easier to know how the course of  conversation went without one accusing other of "hearsay." Hopefully, you have any of these features set up,  so whomever at your company  be able to do research and come to a conclusion to my prospective correspondence which will be mailed out after receiving an answer for the BOGO rebate. 


              Thanks again for your time and consideration.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Samsung BOGO submission

                  Thanks for the reply; and for letting us know what's happening now! First, I'm glad to hear that you were able to resubmit the original rebate, and very glad to read that you were able to submit for the one that was missing. I know that our internal teams have escalation processes that they can use in certain situations to resolve these issues, so I am thinking that we must have an intention to rely on these processes and that's why we would have encouraged you to resubmit/complete the second submission.
                  I'm sorry to read that working with T-Force isn't an option for you -- I know that not everyone uses social media, but we do love to refer our users to reach out there because online communication can be so convenient! I'm glad to hear you intend to stay in touch and that you're considering visiting a retail location where you have a good relationship with a representative already -- that's helpful, too! I know that this has taken much more effort on your part than we'd like already.

                  Regarding your questions about calls in -- your account will have system footprints of each employee who verifies your account and opens it, and also should have memos left by each representative on our Care team who you've spoken with. While we may record calls, not all calls are recorded and those are recorded are used for training and quality assurance purposes, so they're not stored indefinitely. We use memos to update an account with each touch point. We also use the same system to create follow-up appointments; so if we're scheduling a return call to you on a certain date and time, the system will show that as well. Please let me know if this answers your questions -- I hope I understood them!

                  • nelfar212

                    Re: Samsung BOGO submission

                    I do understand you frustration, back when I had sprint many moons ago. My phone was stolen, I filed a police report and reported to Sprint an filed a assurion claim. Back then we had mins plans, long story short whom ever had my phone was able to keep it active(don't know how) and made a ton of international calls ran the bill to over $3000, I was shocked and pissed be then is when my nightmare began, Sprint refused to adjust my account, when I ask to speak to the specialty dept "retentions" I think tmo has a similar dept I was asked why, my reply was" I needed to speak with someone higher than you that can resolve the issue" . I was hung up on. any who after repeated attempts to get resolution, no joy. Sprint ultimately reported the bill to collections, few years down the line, my government security clearance was due and I was forced to pay the bill or risk losing my job. So I paid it and swore sprint will never get another dime from me.


                    So I tell my story because TMO by far has been the best, an I Implore be patient, it will pay off in the long run. just stick to you guns TMO will fix it.    

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