Buy phone from and still use GetOutOfRED ?


    I am with Verizon for more than 10 yrs. Since last 1 yr , me and my wife are under pay contract for 2 phones/2 lines. I still have around $350, for 1st line and around $400 for 2nd line to pay to Verizon for the phones that me and my wife have.


    Now , me and my wife, both want to switch to T mobile one unlimited plan.


    For one line, I want to purchase phone on ( t mobile note 8) and then activate in store . I am going to pay in full without financing.

    For second line, my wife wants to keep her Verizon iPhone 7 plus as is.


    Can I buy note - 8 on for one line ( only ) and still benefit for get out of RED program for both the lines I have ?


    Thanks in advance.

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