Coverage map shows solid LTE but is actually 0 bars in 5 mile radius


    I have been wanting to switch to T Mobile for a couple of years now and check the coverage map every couple of years.  Previously coverage showed nothing but now the entire area where I live is lit up with 4G LTE (according to Tmo's map). This does not appear to be the case though!


    A friend that frequently comes out has switched to Tmo and got a brand new iPhone 8 Plus and gets absolutely NO bars.  Not even roaming out at our place.  When driving from our place toward town, it will eventually start picking up after 5 miles in the drive .


    I called Tmo up to ask about the coverage and if maybe it was Band 71 (600mhz) that worked out there.  Unless something else came out, the LG V30 was the only device to support Band 71.  A brand new iPhone certainly did not support any of Tmo's compatible known spectrum.  It would help a lot to get even a demo LG V30 but nobody gives those out anymore (which is understandable in this day and age), because I would rather not invest in new devices and start porting things over; then having to go back to my old provider would be a cellular nightmare.


    The price of Tmo out the door would be $20 cheaper for my setup with Verizon but I would get Unlimited vs 4GB of data.  I'm not a huge data hog but would prefer not having to watch my usage.



    Does anybody know how to determine the nearest tower distance or which band services what area?  I would sign up this weekend if I could definitely get service at home.  One of those Cellular extenders are not an option.  The only way to get internet out there are Cellular companies, Satellite, or expensive (slow) T1 service (Which I have, but as said, very slow).

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      • landonloco

        If the maps says fair coverage it would mean that your expected service would be between 0 to 2 bars IPhones when they lose signal they tend to stay at no service for quite a while sometimes you could be back in area with full bars but iPhones still hasn't recovered while Android phones already have service as for the question as if there is an app that read the distance of tower and the connected band there is but you would have to be with the carrier in order to do so trough if you  contact tmobile trough Facebook or Twitter they should be able to tell what frequency is available in the area

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          • almighty.peanut

            Thanks for the quick response! The person with the phone comes out for several hours doing some farm work (everyone out here has several acres) outdoors and never had service.  Like you say, it DOES say it has FAIR coverage on the map, which would be 0-2.  We are more elevated than a lot of homes but have not gotten any service on it.


            I know what you mean by iPhone not refreshing quickly.  That stems back from the iPhone 4 days when it had the attenuation issue and they compensated by making the signal not refresh immediately.  My step-grandfather had an older ZTE Android phone he let me borrow for a week since he NEVER uses it, which also got no service.  This was years back though and Tmo has obviously gone through quite a few changes since then!



            I will try bugging them on social media per your recommendation though.  Thank you again!

          • drnewcomb2

            If you zoom in on the coverage map until you see different levels of service, if it says "Fair", you can read that as "Maybe".

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