BOGO promotion question -- someone help


    So back in November, we wanted to take advantage of the offer we saw on many commercials around Thanksgiving that if you switch to T Mobile they will pay off your old bill and you can get BOGO iPhones. When we were at the T Mobile store, everyone in store (two sales people AND the manager in Hamilton, NJ) told us we could apply for both rebates. They even set it up for us and had me come back the next day to confirm it went through. So we get the rebate for the old ATT bill but never get the rebate for the BOGO iPhones. We took advantage of this deal x2 for our entire family, even though not everyone would need a new phone. That's our proof showing you how much we were led to believe that we could take advantage of both Carrier Freedom and the BOGO rebate.


    So two months had passed and I still didn't receive the rebate.


    I called T Mobile customer service promotions department and they say the offer can't be combined. They say that once you take advantage of carrier freedom you can't do BOGO. One lady even sends me the terms and conditions. Which for the promotion we qualified for didn't stipulate that it couldn't be combined, even though it DID for other offers. I spoke to a supervisor and she told me in the terms and conditions she could see (which were apparently more extensive?) for the offer, she said they could NOT be combined and said there was nothing she could do except give us a small credit to the account. She blamed the store manager saying he was responsible for what information he gives out to customers. However the salespeople checked online and called someone at T Mobile to make sure it could go through. Even if it is the 'manager's fault' it is T Mobile's responsibility to choose managers who don't LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. T Mobile is trying to blame one of their lower-tier employees instead of taking responsibility. If this were a $20, I would not go through all this trouble. But this is the price of TWO NEW IPHONES. OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Please do not tell me you "can't put it into the computer because you'll receive an error message." Someone needs to resolve this. If we can't go the route of redeeming this promotion, I'd like a credit to the account equal to the money we lost. Now I'm actually going to have to go to the same store and pray that the same manager and salespeople are there and that they can remember the events of 2 months ago...


    Even looking at the T Mobile BBB website, I can see I am not the only one this has happened to. BBB states "Consumers also allege T-Mobile's representatives promise certain plans and discounts; however, upon receiving their first bill, consumers realize they are being charged for a plan and price that was not agreed upon. Consumers claim when they call the company to fix the discrepancy, there is no way to verify what was promised, as notes in the company's system are contrary to what was agreed upon or are non-existent."


    Please someone resolve this as quickly as possible.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: BOGO promotion question -- someone help

        slabyl, this is a huge ball drop, and I apologize for the miscommunication wholeheartedly. I did a double check and it looks like the most recent information you've been provided is correct -- the Magenta Apple BOGO offer that ran from November 17th to the 27th isn't stackable with Carrier Freedom.

        It makes sense that you'd trust our retail team to know the details of the promotion and any limitations, and it sounds like we did due diligence in the store by reaching out over the phone as well -- I wish I could speak to how we slipped up here. I'd like to get a few more details about what happened, as this is valuable feedback about the promotion process, especially for a brand new customer. I'm going to shoot a private message your way in a few moments -- please take a peek at your inbox when you have the opportunity! Thank you, and thank you very much for taking the time to reach out here.


        - Marissa

        • natsmom1995

          Re: BOGO promotion question -- someone help

          TMobile DOES THIS STUFF ALL THE TIME!  It's annoying and down right lying to the customer.  They send round and round in circles when you talk to customer service.  Very disappointed that I get treated like this when I have been a customer for so long.  I'll leave as soon as my device is paid off.  But will probably just have the same thing happen with another carrier.  Wireless companies go hand in hand with cable/satellite tv providers.

          • richard07c

            Re: BOGO promotion question -- someone help

            Hey slabyl I can understand your frustration with being misled. Something similar happened to me when I opened up a new account coming from Verizon and wanted to take advantage of the BOGO for the Iphone 8+ rebate, however I was not told that If i purchased both phones upfront I wouldn't qualify for the rebate. It definitely would have made me purchase them using the finance plan if I had known better. Now I'm out $700 and there isn't anything T-Mobile seems to want to do about it or (conveniently) can do about it. . This is not how you keep customers long term when there is no accountability from the storefront for shady tactics and customer service (in my experience) could care less. I had heard of these type of things before switching over but hoped they they were just far and few between but that doesn't seem to be the case.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: BOGO promotion question -- someone help

                Hey, richard07c. I'm so sorry to read that you had a similar experience. We should absolutely be advising customers when these promotions aren't stackable so that they can make an educated choice about which ones to participate in! It sounds like you've reached out for assistance previously -- were you working with our retail team, our Care team over the phone, or T-Force; our account support team for social media?
                I wanted to ask because while our Support site lacks a secure platform for account verification, T-Force is able to securely authenticate your account and can take a look at the details. If you're looking for online support, I don't think it could hurt to contact our T-Force team through Twitter or FB icons in my badge below this post and see if we're able to come to a resolution to make this right! It stinks to think that we dropped the ball in outlining the promotion terms initially; and although I can't guarantee what escalation options we might have at this point, we'd definitely like to make sure that we've done a thorough check!

                We appreciate the time you've taken to chime in here -- generally speaking, when we see trends in situations like this we're able to report those back and see where our opportunities are -- but we'd like to make sure that our teams are also reviewing your specific situation and helping out however we can!