LG v20 - Home Screen Ghosting In Apps After New Firmware Update!


    My LG v20 phone was spooled for a firmware update today and I let it update, as soon as it had updated and rebooted I immediately noticed when launching some apps that the Main Android Home Screen (icons and widgets both) was ghosted in the background of whatever app was running, it's faint and it slowly fades away in some apps after give or take 20-30 seconds but sticks around in other apps indefinitely...


    This is also happening occasionally on the 2nd screen at the top where some notifications and icons are ghosting from the lock screen once unlocked...


    Seems to be some kind of overlay issue, as it's not apparent on all apps or even universal in the app, for example, if I run the AOL app, the ghosting is only visible on parts of the app where videos are being displayed, and in other apps how much ghosting seems to depend on something else, but it's primarily on the edges...  The ghosting effect also seems to slowly diminish the longer the phone is unlocked, but not go away entirely...


    I tried to screen capture it, but it doesn't capture the ghosted images in the screen capture...


    I will have to wait until I have a second phone (or camera) handy to take an actual picture of the ghosting effect, if others can't collaborate it is happening to them as well...

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      • dragon1562

        If its not showing up when you screen capture it sounds like a hardware issue. Have you tried doing a reset on the device to see what happens?

          • mswebraven

            Since it happened immediately after the firmware update, I'm inclined to believe it's not a hardware issue, but instead related to the firmware updated somehow, especially since it appears to be isolated to specific and uniform areas of the display, like the same amount and areas of mirroring on the left and right sides of the display edges and/or in video playback areas of in apps, as well as appearing on both displays at the same time immediately following the update....  The effect is also only seen in some apps, if I shut down one app and fire up another it goes away, return to the other app and the issue re-appears, that type of come and go depending on the app running is not consistent with a hardware problem...

          • dragon1562

            Safe mode is another viable option before reseting.

            • tmo_amanda

              Hi, mswebraven!


              I would have to agree with dragon1562 on this one. I'd like you to try running your phone in safe mode to see if an app is the culprit. You can follow these steps to put your phone into safe mode: Safe mode: LG V20 .

                • mswebraven

                  I tried the typical and expected canned response of trying it in safe mode, and although I'm unable to replicate the ghosting of desktop icons I'm seeing prevalently in several apps, due to the fact those apps don't exist in safe mode, I am STILL seeing ghosting in the 2nd display so the issue is there in safe mode and not related to any additional app installed...


                  To be more specific, in safe mode now, the safe mode 'shield' and today's day aka "MON 12" remains ghosted in the 2nd display to the left of my name for about 30-60 seconds after the phone is unlocked, this is the same ghosting effect that I have been seeing since the firmware update a few days ago...


                  Here is a picture of the ghosting when the phone is booted in safe mode (I obscured my name for privacy reasons) as can be seen the safe mode 'shield' and today's 'day/date' remain ghosted on the display, long after the phone is unlocked...



                • tmo_chris

                  Just checking in here to see if you had the chance to check to see if your device is eligible for an exchange. If you contact us, our care teams can check your eligibility.

                    • mswebraven

                      My device is likely out of warranty, but I still feel this is caused by the most recent firmware update and is not a hardware issue, especially pertinent now that a second family member was just spooled for the firmware update the other day and now their phone is experiencing the same exact ghosting effect...  And just like when I updated the ghosting effect appeared immediately following the latest firmware upgrade and reboot...  I simply can't accept that the ghosting effect that has now popped up on two of our LG V20 devices immediately following the firmware upgrade is a coincidence not related to the firmware upgrade...

                        • dragon1562

                          Well this is new information, that does support your viewpoint. Prior to this is was just coincidence. If it is firmware related you are going to want to talk to LG directly to find out if it is a known issue. Maybe they will still exchange the device for a new one or they will tell you about future plans to fix the issue. I honestly still believe it to be hardware as I have never seen a device act this way from a poor firmware update.

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                          • tmo_mike_c

                            I think dragon's suggestion on reaching out to LG is a good idea. They may have some thoughts they can share about what's happening. If you do get in touch with them, please let us know what you find out. All of our internal info doesn't show we have a known issue for this, but it's worth a shot to see if the manufacturer can give some input.

                        • magenta4210946

                          You guys do realize that image retention (or sometimes called Image Burn) is a natural process of bright LED or IPS or AMOLED or OLED screens.....???


                          There's nothing wrong with your phone, it happens to my V20 as well, especially when I spend a LONG time on one screen (like reading forums) and switch to a dark background after that.

                            • dragon1562

                              That is not a normal thing to happen. If your screen is doing this than you have a defective phone.

                              • mswebraven

                                Extended (minutes) image burn and image retention is not normal unless the same images are displayed for an extended or LONG period of time this is happening to my phone immediately after a reboot, or when unlocking and launching an app and then switching to another, in my case the 'burned' image that lingers around was only displayed for a few seconds not any extended period of time, yet stays burned for 30 seconds or longer, I will never accept that as normal or if it was I would have noticed it happening long ago, not all of hte sudden...  As I said neither of my two devices exhibiting this was doing this until the recent firmware update, right now it's happening with more and more frequency...  Also in my case, it's all colors and intensities of images lingering, not just light and dark or ones that were displayed for long periods of time...


                                One of the worst examples that I recently experienced was when using the app WiFi File Explorer, launched the app, had it running for about give or take 30 seconds while I moved a few images off the phone shut it down and returned to the desktop,  only to see the WiFi File Explorer apps imaged ghosted for well over a minute as I ran several different apps...

                              • txwayno

                                mine was doing the same thing. Yesterday I had to update the "protection" app.  Today it's locked up saying Firmeware Update "looking for connection". I have tried evrything but nothing is working.