Digits losing google contacts


    Every day I have to add my google contacts to Digits. I also noticed that when I do I get a warning that proceeding to t-mobile is deemed to be unsafe.


    Why do I have to re-connect my google account every time I log in to Digits?


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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Digits losing google contacts



        I believe you are using Chrome and trying to use DIGITS via its webapp.


        Well, that's how DIGITS is built up. If you are using the web app, then the moment you log out, the cookies related to DIGITS connection with Google gets erased and hence you need to re-login. Now I have not seen this error message before. But usually it happens when a less secure app using OAuth1 authentication system tries to login to Google account which uses advanced OAuth2 authentication. I shall tag tmo_chris tmo_evan to shed more light on the authentication system.


        To avoid the re-login issue, you can try to download the desktop version of the DIGITS app from the following link T-Mobile DIGITS - Downloads


        Please keep me posted whether it resolves your concern.

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          • secondgear

            Re: Digits losing google contacts

            Thank you! I didn't even know there was a desktop app. I installed it and get the same error/warning message. I'll try this for a few days to see how contacts behave!


              • tidbits

                Re: Digits losing google contacts

                I just go forward with it.  I know where the app comes from and what's it for.  

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                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Digits losing google contacts

                  Hey there!


                  Just checking in to see if you're still getting that error and if you're contacts came back. Please give us a reply and let us know. Thank you!

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: Digits losing google contacts

                    Hey hey, secondgear! We wanted to see if you've noticed any improvement with the contacts since switching to the web app. How are things going for you?

                      • secondgear

                        Re: Digits losing google contacts

                        I switched from the web app to the desktop version. This solved the contacts issue. I've not had to reconnect contacts since.


                        I do still have other things that are bothersome:

                        1. Logging on is always a two step process - 1) login, and 2) register. And unlike the web app, no user id / password caching happens. I should be able to say to automatically log me in when using the desktop app.
                        2. I've had messages not delivered with both the desktop and web app. I type a message and hit enter. The app says it's sent but it's never recieved. It just happened again today. I've gotten into the habit of asking people to acknowledge messages. This is infrequent and I always find out hours after the fact.
                        3. I sometimes send myself a message as a reminder. For some reason, that message will keep showing as a new message for days, sometime many times in the same day.


                        I'm really glad to have Digits but coming from Google Voice, there's a lot missing. I loved having the full history of my text messages available that I could search easily. Signing on was tied to being logged into google so I never had to sign on directly. And it never ever lost or dropped a message.