Alcatel Linkzone trouble acquiring LTE since firmware update


    Hi, My Alcatel Linkzone hotspot has trouble acquiring LTE signal since the latest firmware update. I often have to restart the device multiple times after I wake it from sleep or turn it on before it latches on to LTE reliably. Otherwise it keeps bouncing between 4G (no LTE) and 3G, and performance is pretty bad. This only started happening since I installed the firmware update MW41_00_02.00_28, everything was fine before on MW41_00_02.00_22. I already tried everything, resetting the device via software and HW buttons, trying manual network selection, etc., but nothing helps. Once it latches on LTE it's fine, but then when I want to use it again a few hours later same problem again. Does anybody know how to fix this? Can I get the old firmware again somehow?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hmm, that's super odd. Updates are supposed to help the phone, not cause this to happen. Can you check out the APN settings and make sure they're correct? I'd also like to know if you've tested the connection in other locations to see if you're having the issue in just a specific are or multiple areas.

          • konradsa78

            Thanks Mike. This is a hotspot, not a phone. The APN settings are the ones hardcoded in the hotspot and were fine before, so they should be okay. I am using the hotspot every day on my commute on the same route and the exact same times, so I am pretty sure it didn't show this behavior before, and it started with the firmware update. This firmware update has taken a perfectly usable device and turned it into a problematic one. Based on your response, I don't take this is a known issue. Since I bought the hotspot on Amazon and am using it with a prepaid data card, will T-Mobile offer me a replacement? Who do I contact to get one? Thanks.

          • aurokzaurokz

            Wow guys! I find it incredible that a supposedly progressive company like T-Mobile cannot get workable firmware that supports hotspot and tethering features on the Alcatel A30 tablet, which is tauted as the most popular tablet that sports a mobile SIM card slot. Prior to 3rd week of January 2018, all was fine. Since then the tablet's mobile hotspot and tethering features have been dead. The problem persists when connecting to at least two base stations. I get connection between the tablet and base station, but no internet service. In spite of multiple Trouble Tickets issued by Customer Service, exchanging tablets, canceling and reinstating the service plan, doing network settings reset and factory data reset several times, trying 3G and 2G service;nothing so far has restored internet service. I am now on a personal level with any number of personalities at the service center. I have no problem connecting my laptop to other devices like an Xfinity router WiFi. I can even tether to the tablet using PDAnet through the developer USB debugging port. Last conclusion by my lead contact at the service center was that T-Mobile has a compatibility issue between the Alcatel A30 Tablet firmware and the base station firmware. So, this issue is recognized by at least one person at T-mobile. Unfortunately, that person is in customer service, not engineering. Based on lack of response to Trouble Tickets, I am very negatively impressed by T-mobile's engineering services group. I have now lost hope and have received the unlock code for my current tablet and plan to see if it will give me hotspot service on an AT&T reseller APN. Wish me luck! If that doesn't work, next phase is a Dell Chromebook (dropping Windows) with multiple bandwith transceivers and SIM slot (no more hotspot requirement).