Alcatel Linkzone trouble acquiring LTE since firmware update


    Hi, My Alcatel Linkzone hotspot has trouble acquiring LTE signal since the latest firmware update. I often have to restart the device multiple times after I wake it from sleep or turn it on before it latches on to LTE reliably. Otherwise it keeps bouncing between 4G (no LTE) and 3G, and performance is pretty bad. This only started happening since I installed the firmware update MW41_00_02.00_28, everything was fine before on MW41_00_02.00_22. I already tried everything, resetting the device via software and HW buttons, trying manual network selection, etc., but nothing helps. Once it latches on LTE it's fine, but then when I want to use it again a few hours later same problem again. Does anybody know how to fix this? Can I get the old firmware again somehow?

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