Pensacola FL, speeds slow from 9am - 8pm

    Ever since End of January(2018) Speeds in Pensacola FL, have been extremely slow. In the mornings around 8am they speed up and get to around 49ms-55ms with 15mbps-20mbps download speed and upload 4-5mbps, but from 9am-8pm the speed is just terrible, it goes to 1,900ms-4,999ms with download speeds of 0.73 mbps to 2.1 mbps with uploads speeds of 0.0mbps. Then around 11:30pm the speeds slow again til 8am and the process then repeats. The thing is that everyone on my plan is slowed, the guys that lives down the hall from me is also slowed, but the people right below my room have full data speed and never slowed. I have the T-MOBILE One plan for all my lines same for the people down the hall, but the people below me have T-MOBILE ONE PLUS and they are never slowed. I don't know if its just TMOBILE slowing us and not them or their towers are just crap. This has never happened before, as last year we had full speeds year round. Called support at least 10 times all they do is "Reset network settings" and have me restart my phone, my data speeds up for about an hour and then after that slows down again. I have to drive 15-20 minutes away for fast data Really thinking about switching networks. Anyone know any possible fixes?


    My lines:

    Iphone 6s: only used 10gb this month

    Iphone 6s: only used 7gb this month

    Iphone 6: only 1gb used this month


    IOS: 11.2.5

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