Unique Ongoing connection Issue.


    I have been having an ongoing connection problem that I cannot get a solid answer on.  First some background.  On 9/17, we bought two identical Galaxy S8 handsets at the T-Mobile Store. Our phone numbers were ported over from another carrier.  From the very beginning, one of the phones would loose connection to the T-mobile network and lock onto the AT&T network, even in locations where the other identical phone has a solid 5 bar connection to the T-mobile network. We have taken it back to the store multiple times, and they are able to get it to connect to the right network, but it only lasts a few days and then reconnects to the AT&T network. We have had the sim card replaced once, the phone replaced once, and have had multiple calls in to customer support, but no lasting results.  Last customer support call was sent to engineering which replied that there wasn't any issue.  When the phone is connected to the AT&T network, it looses all data, text messaging, and sometimes even call service.


    The issue seems to be connected to the sim card, as when I swap out the sim cards between the phone that connects properly and the one that doesn't, the problem moves with the sim card.  Any suggestions?

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