New verification code requested but same codes given


    Hi everyone. Brand new to the t-mobile world. When i try to login to my t-mobile account for the first time, it is asking me to key in a verification code. However, when i do that, it tells me that the verification code is expired and makes me "Request" a new verification code. However, the same verification code from before gets sent to my phone again and again and again. As a result i have been unable to log in to my t-mobile account.

    Is there anything i can do on my end?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Good evening, sadrapida!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and to our Support Community! MyT-Mobile is a helpful tool and we really want to get this working for you. It's odd that the verification is sending you the same code and still isn't working. Our Tech Support team needs to get a trouble ticket filed for you so our web Engineers can figure out why this is happening. You can either dial 611 or you can work with T-Force (our social media Customer Care team) via Facebook or Twitter.


        Please give that a shot and let us know if that does the trick!