How is Vaduz different from Netflix and Hulu?

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          Vudu is a movie rental website. Netflix and Hulu are a service that give you a catalog of content to simply stream. That is the biggest differnce and I believe there is a choice to actually own the content on Vudu. Also your name has your phone number in it. This is a public forum so anyone can see it and I suggest you change it asap.

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              Netflix is a monthly "Pay to Stream" service, but VUDU is completely free unless you want to own or rent a movie, then you just pay for the movie you choose.


              NETFLIX, HULU, VUDU, FANDANGO, AMAZON VIDEO are all similar that they provide streaming movies, but they have different cost, different attribute, they try and distinguish themselves from the rest to be the #1 movie streaming service. Over the years they have evolved and began to compete with Satellite and Cable streaming companies. Many of these streaming companies have been in business for so very long, but via word of mouth, and advertising these companies are becoming well known all over the world. I think it was back in 2007 or 2008 i was renting movies from Netflix and they were sent in that red Netflix envelope. When you were done with the movie... you placed it conveniently back in the Netflix envelope and drop it into the mailbox. I nolonger have the interest to rent DVD's from Netflix anymore... but it is a cool service to have if that's what you are into. I actually believe Netflix is the reason why so many Mom and Pops Video Rental services went out of business .






              VUDU [FREE] (no monthly subscription) / Pay for movies you rent or buy]


              Vudu allows you to rent (digital) movies to view online. You can buy movies also and it will stay ready to stream in your Vudu account. I have over 200 VUDU movies due to T-Mobile providing $5.50 in Vudu credits for 5 of my Voice lines and 3 of my Tablet lines via T-Mobile Tuesdays, and obtaining $3.99 in Vudu credits every month for each of my 5 voice lines provided by T-Mobile just for having an Unlimited Data Plan with BingeOn activated. You also get around 10 movies just for activating a VUDU account.


              There are ways to share your Vudu account with your friends and family... and they will have their own password and username... but that's a lengthy explanation on how to do that. Vudu also within the last year or so added "Movies on us" where you can stream movies "Free of Charge" but it has advertisements/commercials within it. Its really not bad.... growing up commercials lasted 5 minutes... most of Vudu commercials last 20 seconds... I have experienced a 1 minute commercials... but there are only a few, nothing to complain about.. when you get to stream a movie for free. If you have a DVD at home that you want added to your VUDU digital catalog, you can have Walmart add it to your account by showing them (Walmart customer service) that you own the copy of that particular DVD. it cost $2 to add a BluRay disc that you physically own, $2 for Stardard DVD's, and $5 for a High Definition DVD.







              NETFLIX (monthly subscription) there are many pricing teirs based on the services you want.


              Netflix allows you to stream movies online and/or rent actual DVD's they mail to your home depending on what service plan you have with Netflix. Netflix have many movies and television series to view and also Netflix have been producing their own Television shows and Movies that you won't find anyplace else (legally) except for on Netflix.




              NOTE: VUDU is a Walmart movie streaming service... alot of people are unaware of that... but it is.