anyone else unable to use the T Mobile website during mid-January?


    I visited many times over the course of more than a week, and the site was always broken--just a grey background, no images, some text with broken links that led nowhere. I tried clicking on the messaging feature in the corner of the screen to ask for help, but that was broken, too. I couldn't log in to My T Mobile to manage my account or make payments. As a result, I missed a deadline for my pay-as-you-go contract and lost my balance. The issue was definitely with the website, not my computer or internet access, as other websites worked just fine for me during this time. I tried two different Apple computers, a laptop and a desktop, with the Safari browser, tried deleting my cookies, but could not connect. I'd like to hear if anyone else had similar problems, as well as suggestions about getting my balance back (customer service via phone was not helpful).

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