Got a collection on my credit report for a bill I never received!


    I recently had a collection reported on my credit for a bill I never knew existed. Never received anything in writing and only found out about this over the phone with the collections agency last week. They claim I had a balance on my old accout when I transferred ownership to a new plan last year. I have notifications of my phone bill being paid each billing cycle during the period I made the transfer so now I’m wondering did tmobile charge me for the new plan PLUS an old plan in the same billing cycle? chatting with a rep online doesn’t seem to be fruitful they want me to speak to the collection agency. I don’t know how much good this will do. I’m still a Tmobile customer and will pay the bill if it is legitimate. I just never even got a chance to know I had a bill with them before it even went to a collector which is completely unfair. Any ideas on how this can be resolved because it really sucks as a customer to not even be informed and have your credit ruined!

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        Contest the bill


        If you owed the bill it would have showed up on your account and your account would be locked and you'd be told.

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            • sal19

              Can you help me with this? I’ve seen other threads where customers were helped. I really need this fixed. I’m a Tmobile customer and I’m willing to settle the bill with Tmobile if I have to.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey, sal19! Sorry if Phill's comment threw you -- we've been trying to clean up some of our discussion spaces to keep things tidy so that it's easier for other users to find relevant threads when they're searching in a specific space.

                  While we're not able to look up accounts from this public user forum, we are definitely happy to try to help! It sounds like you moved your line from one account to another and there was a final balance assessed on the original account, if I'm reading this correctly. Definitely not the easiest situation to be in! Depending on how long your original account had been open, it may have been a more traditional billed-in-arrears account, where a full statement was assessed after you used service, so bills were paid kind of a month behind. On a newer postpaid account, we "bill current", so depending on where you were in the existing bill cycle when you moved the line, there might have still been a bill -- or service might have already been paid through. If that's the case, you'd receive a final bill for any usage charges or equipment balances, but it wouldn't include a monthly plan charge.
                  Since a lot of this depends on specific timing, this is something that an internal team would need to review. I know once the account's been sold to a collections agency, our options for that kind of review are limited, but we don't want you to feel like you're getting a brush-off, and it stinks that this has been the takeaway from your interactions with us so far. You mentioned chatting online -- were you working with our live chat team, or reaching out to our T-Force folks (FB and Twitter support)? In those channels we can securely verify your account info and try to pin down this timeline and see what happened here!

                    • sal19

                      I first spoke to someone through live chat and then over the phone. I was told they could access my account over the phone if I provided my old password to my previous account that was transferred. Unfortunately I could not remember it and the only other option was to go into a t-mobile store to have them verify my identity. However I’m outside the US and wont be able to get to a store for a few months. Can this be done online instead? I really would like to settle this with T-mobile at this point.

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry, that is such an awkward situation to be in -- and I'm sure having this stress added during your trip abroad isn't helpful.

                          We have pretty stringent security guidelines for the protection of our customers, and unfortunately, there is not a way around this requirement. If the password that you'd set on the previous account was different than the last 4 of your SSN, and you don't remember it, there won't be a way for us to reset it and provide any access to that account data until you're able to come into a store. This might seem overprotective, but there's a specific kind of scheme called a "takeover" that this is designed to prevent. We don't want anyone pretending to be you, gaining access to your closed account, and resuming your lines to order equipment or rack up bills in your name -- so if you're not able to recall the password, we'll need to work with you in person with identification to resolve that.

                          I'm so sorry to be delivering this news, and again I apologize that you're in a scenario where the policy designed to protect you is actually causing you a tough time. But I do want to be honest that there isn't any wiggle room when it comes to this.