T-mobile Refund - Long pending - no response


    I have not received a refund back from T-Mobile for the service they charged me for couple of months in a row which was never activated.  Here is what happened in brief.


    I have ordered 2 Iphones with starting of new service some time in Sept/Oct of 2016. I have received the phones after 6-8 weeks.  Then I called T-mobile to activate them.  Then I have realized that I am not receiving the same deal that they agreed on. I have decided to cancel the service and returned the UN-opened phones.  All this happened during Nov.   I have realized that in Feb 2017 that I am getting charged ~$250 per month.  After several follow ups they cancelled my service some time in may/june 2017.  Since then I have called up several 10s of times to get my money back. I am not successful until now. 


    Every time, I called T-mobile there is a manager escalation and tells me they are on the job and update me soon which never occurred until now. I called T-Mobile many times and I see there is a big gap between sales and services, no one has an idea of how much I paid what is the refund I am expecting and whats going on. My recommendation is never to purchase a phone from T mobile it's just from experience. Does anyone know or can help on how to get my refund back.

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