4 for $40 and adding a line




    Can someone with a 4 lines for $40.00 plan add a 5th line?  And if so will it still be $40 per line?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: 4 for $40 and adding a line

        Hey there!


        I wanna get you some help, but I do want to make sure I'm clear about what you're asking. Are you asking about adding another line and seeing if you'll still pay $40 total for the whole plan? Please let us know so we can give you some help. Thanks!

          • dagmar10

            Re: 4 for $40 and adding a line

            Hello Mike,


            Thank you for the support.  Yah, sorry for not being clear enough with my question I'll try to clear it up.


            My sister, brother & parents are currently on a 4 for $40 deal with T-Mobile.  I want to jump on with them and add a 5th line on their plan.  Is it possible to add a 5th line without messing with their 4 for $40 plan meaning I will either get the same $40/mo cost or does it go up?


            Thank you.

          • tidbits

            Re: 4 for $40 and adding a line

            I am guessing you have the 4 lines for $160 ($40 each line)

            It'll be $25 to add a line from 5 through 12 but I believe to add beyond 5 there will be a credit check per line(unless you adding multiple lines all at once as it's per transaction).

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