International data and temporary unlock


    I asked for 2 things over a chat cs. Valerie.

    1. Can you temp unlock my phone.

    2. Do you guys have daily data rate for roaming to Vietnam.


    She starts with IMEI number. I gave it to her and she says please hold, she will look into my account info.


    Close to 30 minutes pass. She comes back and saying I'm not eligible but she will unlock it and this will take 72 hours.


    As I'll be out of country in next 24 hours, I asked about #2 again. Asked for a second time.


    She says that she's sorry, but she cannot make it fast but escalated to her supervisor.


    I asked her for the 2nd question again. I asked this question because other carriers have fixed daily rate for data up to certain gb.


    She still doesn't answer my questions and I'm very frustrated at this point, because I've already wasted more than an hour of my life.


    I wish there is a room for me to upload screenshot of this conversation on this forum.


    After asking her to answer my question over and over, I've heard that T mobile does not have such rate. Successfully obtained an answer to a simple question after 1 and half hours.


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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Worst CS experience ever

        International roaming services  -- Vietnam has no data.  You can get texts, though.


        Unlock your mobile wireless device -- How to unlock


        Both sets of information are easily searchable instead of waiting for what you said was a horrible chat conversation.

          • burgerkim

            Re: Worst CS experience ever

            There is data in Vietnam. I searched it. It was like $15/MB.

            As some of other carriers have fixed rate for daily data plan, that's what I was asking.

            For unlocking the phone, they usually make an exception for international traveler even you didn't pay off your phone.

            When you have not finished your payment, only way to do it is through contacting the agents.


            Both sets require agent's answer.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Worst CS experience ever

                Vietnam data is a newer addition, and you are correct, it's $15 a MB. We have different rate options for specific countries, however it appears Vietnam onlt has the $15/MB version.


                A limited number of devices are available for a temporary unlock, you can learn more about that process here - T-Mobile Device Unlock app


                Otherwise, typically your device will only be unlocked once payment is satisfied. I am not sure what exception the representative you were speaking to was using, but it's not a standard offer or something I often see. It sounds like they may have just been using something to go outside of policy to help you get an unlock, but may have come with a delay. For all our unlocks we say 72 hours, but they typically are closer to 24. Again, I can't speak to the type of unlock they were offering as you don't qualify for a standard.



                • miket

                  Re: International data and temporary unlock

                         You do NOT want to activate data in countries like Vietnam.  There are many apps on your phone that sip data in the background.  You can easily wind up w. a 3 or 4 figure bill for data.

              • tidbits

                Re: International data and temporary unlock

                If you have an iPhone T-mobile can't temp unlock those.  You would need to pay off the device then T-Mobile will get Apple to unlock it.

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