Why only S8 & S8+ Testing Android Oreo?


    I am currently a T-Mobile Customer and i've been testing Android Oreo on my Note8 for the last 2-3 months.  Is the Android Oreo builds being tested internally or externally?  With the Galaxy Note8 being Smartphone of the year and Samsung's Flagship Device, i do not understand why the Note8 wouldnt receive testing first.  I'm just glad i have the ability to run Oreo betas on my Note8 just because i know how....

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      • tidbits

        Re: Why only S8 & S8+ Testing Android Oreo?

        That's up to Samsung, and the Note 8 requires more development as there are additional things to code for.  So the S8/S8+ should be finished sooner.  Samsung may have beta's available but that's their own internal testing, and not T-Mobile testing to ensure it does no harm to their network, and the features they pay Samsung to add works.

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        • theartiszan

          The people who can participate in the beta are selected and with with Samsung on. T-Mobile doesn't control the beta but allows it's customers to participate unlike other us carriers.

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