I know it's probably not gonna happen...


    but, any chance will T-Mobile LG G5 get Android version 7.1.1 or 7.1.2?



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      • dragon1562

        Re: I know it's probably not gonna happen...

        This is all up to LG to develop a update. My guess is that it will be a no since LG has a bad track record like Samsung for ruling out updates. You can always force load the update yourself if T-mobile doesn't end up receiving it and putting out a OTA.

        • snn555

          Re: I know it's probably not gonna happen...

          As a former owner of an LG G4 that stayed stuck on marshmallow even though it was a flagship device and as a present at least for the time being owner of an LG G5 still stuck on nougat I'm going to say no.


          Both devices had a horrible track record with reliability and LG is probably not going to want to put the time and effort into a phone that nobody has any more or one that just doesn't work since the last update to 7.


          I have already had one LG G5 that replaced an LG G4 because there were no more available G4S. That G5 the camera would not focus. I don't know if it was software update related or Hardware but there's another one in route to pick up today. If that one fails then it will be onto another upgrade of some sort yet not out of my pocket I guarantee you.


          All of that to say that LG either does not respond to any messages or emails or phone calls or they're chats say that they will not update or don't have the information yet. If they don't have the information yet they're never going to but that's just my opinion.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: I know it's probably not gonna happen...

            No plans as of now but you can keep an eye on our SW updates page for all the latest.