Multi-line payment issues


    Hello everybody-


                 I'm just looking for any feedback/ideas on issues regarding getting my postpaid account paid in a timely manner in regards to extended family members. I have 9 voice lines on my account and am constantly having issues with getting everyone to pay their share every month. I send a text out to all my lines about the next bill being due, and everyone usually responds with "ok."  This rarely happens and I usually have to "remind" them 2 or 3 times before they pay, which usually results in the bill getting paid about 3 weeks late. 1 month I had everyone pay a "late fee" and they obliged. I'm debating on sending out a 1 time notice, and then let the services get suspended to see if that makes a difference in getting them to pay on time but I don't want to put anyone in a position of not having service if an emergency pops up.

                  Most of them only pay $35 a month for great unlimited service with 14 gigs of hotspot. I know I'm getting taken advantage of, but I also know if I was on someone else's plan and only had to pay $35 for that quality of service, I'd be getting it paid ASAP and probably give the main account holder extra $$$ to offset any other costs and letting me on the account in the 1st place.

                     Sorry for dragging this post out as much as I did; thanks for everyone's input and try not to be too hard on me for not being hard enough on my family for not fulfilling their obligations.

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      • miket

        Re: Multi-line payment issues

        Silly post - but entertaining.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Multi-line payment issues

          I have 100% been where you are with my T-Mobile account. My brother would notoriously pay his bill late even with constant reminders. To be honest, the best remedy for this would be to have the lines suspended on the day the bill is due if they don't pay their portion. This is tricky though because if you are the primary account holder, you are ultimately responsible for the entire bill no matter who uses the lines. Also, if you let those lines do upgrades on installment plans and they still have money left to pay on those phones, you are responsible for those costs too.


          In my opinion, if they continue to pay late and there is not phone payment plan associated with their line, suspend it on the bill due date (you can call us to suspend for lost/stolen and it will shut off the phone) and if they still don't pay, cancel the line altogether. We don't have service contracts so you would not be penalized for canceling the line. I only mentioned the phone installment plans as you would still be responsible for those.


          As a side note, if you cancel a line on the account, any promotions associated with that line if you had any would be removed from the account and could not be added back.