Unlimited Data Promo Scam


    So this just happened...

    I logged into my t-mobile account earlier today and saw an option to change my 2GB data plan to an Unlimited 4G LTE  plan at no additional cost called Unlimited Data Promo. I immediately seized the opportunity thinking that tmobile was finally rewarding me for my 10 or so years of loyalty to the network. After finalizing the change,  I was informed that it would take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. When reviewing the pending changes a few minutes later, you can imagine my surprise when the only change I saw was the removal of my previous 2GB of data with no unlimited data addition. I proceeded to call 611 and after essentially being told that I lied about the option being offered to on my account, I found a few threads on this forum where other custumors described the very same experience. I then proceeded to point the customer service agent to one of those threads, which thankfully featured a screenshot of the customer's account page showing the same data options as mine did. 10 minutes of apologies later, I explained to the rep that as a software engineer, if this was the way my software worked I would be out of a job and a as a small business owner, if this was how I ran my business, I would be out of business because I would lose customers in droves.


    Long story short, I think when you stick with a company for so long, they sometimes start to take you for granted. So, T-mobile it was fun while it lasted but I think it's time for me to give another carrier a chance.

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