T-Mobile What’s going on


    What is going with thesd unsafe practice on my accounts safety.

    My account was owned by someone else because I wanted to try Verizon when I turned 18. Ever Since I was in 2nd grade I had T-Mobile and loyalty was all shown. the Advantage Program that was set up in this account magically never got posted.

    all those lost credits. More importantly. My job has a special plan but i got denied denied and denied saying there’s no employe discounted plans.

    when this whole time there is.

    the One Amplified plan I got the promo code.

    How I added a lot of lines and what not and all this discounted rates and credits

    again lost.

    this accumulation has impacted me a 20 year old.

    Why was I given a new number that someone was using under digits.

    All these high bills because I apparently never returned my jump on dem phones but I have all the receipts.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: T-Mobile What’s going on

        Whoa, noway889, what's going on is right! It sounds like you've had way more than your fair share of trouble -- which is a huge bummer, because we want our customers to experience zero issues.


        I'm a little confused about the first issue you're experiencing -- it sounds like you were part of a family plan for quite some time -- thank you! Just to clarify, were you thinking of moving your line to another provider? Or did you move it already and switch back?


        Since our T-Mobile Advantage Program underwent a redesign a few years back, the number of employers participating in a monthly discount have dropped. If your employer is still a legacy participant you may still be eligible to apply for the discount here: T-Mobile Advantage Program | $25 Advantage Reward Card | T-Mobile -- though it is important to call out that not all plan types are eligible to be discounted, as many offer a great deal already.

        It sounds like you might have been participating in some promotional offers for free lines or discounted services. These aren't always stackable with other promotions, and rebates are often dependent upon account standing, but it's totally reasonable to want to understand what changed if these free lines stopped being free! We want to be able to look over this with you and address the concern, to make sure that you're not paying a penny more than you should be.


        JUMP! On Demand devices should be returned at the retail location when you're upgrading, if possible, or within 14 days of receiving your new phone if you've placed your JOD upgrade as a shipped order. I know you mentioned you have receipts of these devices being accepted back by our store -- that's awesome, kudos to you for hanging on to this! This should be an easy thing to straighten out so that you're not paying for phones you've returned to our retail staff.


        Regarding your number: numbers typically sit after canceled for several months before being assigned to a new customer so that you aren't put in a position to be fielding someone else's calls, but sometimes in high demand area codes numbers are given back out much faster if the available pool of numbers is small. If you received a number that's still getting calls for the previous customer, then we can take a look and see what else is available in your area!


        We'll need you to work with a team with account access who can securely verify your account and see what's going on here. It sounds like there's a whole lot that we need to get to the bottom of so that you have the experience we want for all of our customers: a good one! We'd love for you to reach out to a team that can securely verify your account and take a look into the discounts, changes in your charges, the JOD return issue, and what's going on with your number.


        I understand when you have more than one concern that reaching out online feels like your best bet to make sure that you've stated everything you want to review. Our team isn't able to access your account from this public user forum, but our T-Force team on Twitter and Facebook do have the ability to pull your account up and help get to the bottom of these issues. You can reach out to them by clicking either of the icons in my signature below, if you're logged into the site, or by clicking the FB or Twitter icons under the header Social Support here: Contact Us. I sincerely hope you'll give us a shot at figuring out what's happening here! Thank you for taking the time to visit our Community and post about your concerns!


        - Marissa