Cellspot vs. phone's WiFi connection option


    I've seen a number of discussions about Cellspot but I haven't seen a simple answer as to why I should use this (with the inherent open network to others) vs. just setting my iPhone X to WiFi calling and going directly into my router.  I believe that the Cellspot needs to be plugged into the router so it will be at the same physical location.  Does it somehow provide better coverage?  There's something about voice prioritization that I don't understand.

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      • snn555

        Re: Cellspot vs. phone's WiFi connection option

        Well if you have WiFi calling abilities through your router then you wouldn't necessarily need a cellspot. And LTE cellspot creates LTE signal from your ISP. That devices for people who have no signal at all. The LTE booster of course takes the outside signal and puts it inside the house at the same level. But does not require your ISP. A WiFi cellspot which is no longer available but acts just like a router but has voice prioritization built into it is basically just a router that allows prioritization to voice. Again if you don't have any signal you would want to sell spot if you have weak signal on the inside but strong on the outside you may need a booster otherwise you just use Wifi calling and texting on your own router. Voice power to station just means that the router will prioritize wifi calling over internet browser gaming data use.