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    3 years ago my boyfriend purchased an iPhone 6 at a T-Mobile store with a monthly plan. The contract was then converted to a family plan. A few months ago we moved to Germany and prior to that we went to a T-Mobile store to remove his number from the family plan. We specifically asked if the phone had a sim lock since it was important  that his phone would work with a different provider in Germany and we’re told that it had no sim lock. In Germany we inserted a new SIM card and were surprised that it actually has sim lock...

    Long story short, I contacted T-Mobile to unlock it. They Said that any number that has been used on T-Mobile would show up in their System but that his number comes up as a non-T-Mobile number And therefore they cannot do anything. The phone number is definitely from T-Mobile. Did any one have a similar problem and a solution?


    It is really important for us that his phone can be used here in Germany since we would not want to buy a new phone.



    Thank you in advance!

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      • snn555

        Re: Phone number not in T-Mobile system

        If the phone was paid off then a request to unlock via TMobile should have been done before removing any number. When you removed the number or cancelled the line it was no longer active and that number went back into the pool of available numbers.


        Even though the account may be cancelled the IMEI number should still be in T-Mobile system if it is a T Mobile device. According to the terms of unlocking even though the account may be canceled if it was in good standing and paid you should still be able to request an unlock.


        I may be confused as to whether you canceled that line or it got moved over to a different line or if you cancelled service altogether. But I would assume that if you moved to another country you have more than likely cancel that TMobile account altogether.


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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Phone number not in T-Mobile system

          Hey there, katikati! First, congratulations on your exciting move! I lived in Germany for many years, it's a beautiful country with tons of history, I hope you love it there!
          On to the matter at hand -- your boyfriend's phone. Our teams with account access should be able to look up the line, even if it's cancelled, and make sure that the account was closed in good standing (any final balances paid) to satisfy the Unlock your mobile wireless device requirements. What may be tricky here is that since your boyfriend was on a family plan, he might not be listed as an authorized user. The Billing Responsible Party (the person whose name is on the bill) for that account will need to make sure that he's listed and has the password for us to review and discuss the account with him, even though the line is cancelled -- or the Billing Responsible Party can reach out to us on your boyfriend's behalf to resubmit the unlock request.

          The other critical component here is the IMEI of your boyfriend's iPhone. Since you mentioned that he purchased it in a T-Mobile store, it should be T-Mobile branded and should be listed in our database of IMEIs that we're able to request that Apple unlock. You'll want to make sure that he's getting the IMEI correctly from the device itself, not based on any account records. He can do that by entering *#06# in the device. In our account records, the last digit of the IMEI is dummied out for security, and automatically replaced with a zero. Nine times out of ten, an unlock request submitted using that number (without the correct last digit) will fail.

          I know you're already overseas and his T-Mobile SIM is no longer active, so calling our International Customer Care line toll free is likely not an option. He can still try reaching out to our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook for assistance -- in those channels, we're able to securely verify account information and take a look, though it might be a good call to check with the BRP of the family plan his line was on first to make sure that he's authorized and knows the password to verify the account!

          Thanks for reaching out here, I hope this information helps you guys get this taken care of -- and major apologies that we didn't resolve it before you left the country!


          - Marissa

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          • tmo_chris

            Re: Phone number not in T-Mobile system

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to speak with our T-Force team yet?

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Phone number not in T-Mobile system

              Hi, katikati!


              I'm swinging by one last time to see if you've had the chance to look over the previous replies. We know getting your boyfriend's phone unlocked is a must and we want to make sure you're given all of the information to make that happen. We recommended that you contact T-Force to work with them to get the device unlocked. Have you already talked with them? If so, were they able to request the unlock?