Can't receive texts from other iPhones when iMessage is off


    I recently ported my number from Sprint and am using the same unlocked iPhone 6 as I did there.  I had iMessage turned off while at Sprint because of too many issues of not getting texts when I did not get a data signal, or turned off cellular data to conserve battery.  I want to do the same now.


    Since moving to T-Mobile, I have not been able to receive any text messages form other iPhones, but do get them from every other source.  I have done all the Apple procedures of deregistering of my phone number from iMessage, turned both iMessage and FaceTime off, erased, reset and restored my iPhone, all multiple times so far over the past week and still no success.  When I was with Sprint I simply followed the Apple procedures and iMessage turned off.


    Is there something different about T-moble that i need to ensure iMessage is off so that other iPhones can send me SMS/MMS text messages?

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