LG V20 Oreo Update




    Oreo Update page only lists Samsung devices.


    Since the Google January update for 8.1 protects against spectre and meltdown everyone is likely wanting this release that has already landed on our nexus and pixel devices. V20 how long for an update?


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      • snn555

        Re: LG V20 Oreo Update

        Your best bet which is your fastest answer is asking LG on Twitter.

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        • tmo_lauren

          Re: LG V20 Oreo Update

          I do have to agree with the previous messages in here. Manufacturers create the software update, so at times they will release the info first. Our software update page will be the first place updated once we have an answer.



          • landonloco

            Re: LG V20 Oreo Update

            Well it's uncertain when  the oreo update is released since the manufacturer do it's own modifications to the software it takes a little but more time to release it the carrier also do it's own testing on the software  that's why unlocked devices and devices that come directly from Google receive the updates faster since the UI that Google uses is really simple it is what's called stock Android tho I bet you know about this but I just wanted to point that out

            • enigmaco

              Re: LG V20 Oreo Update

              Both seem to be taking their sweet ol time with the update.  LG should have had this pumped out months ago, and T-mobile should be at the deployment stage.  Instead its just at step 1.  LG does make the software, but depending on what T-mobile wants on the devices and if it causes compatibility issues is what drags it out so long, then have to do the testing on their end as well.  That's only thing I wish Google would take from Apple is faster rollouts.