My daughter and I went to this store to purchase a new iPhone. We'd researched online and called TMobile beforehand so we knew exactly what we wanted and how much it was going to cost.

    At the store, we were helped by Kye G. After getting my daughter's new phone from the back he tells us she can also get a new case, screen protector, AND one item from a specific area of accessories. I asked Kye if this was some sort of promotion and he tells me that TMobile wanted to give her these items so that she'd tell her friends how great TMobile is.

    I asked him point blank if they were FREE and he said YES.

    I'm suspicious and asked a bunch of questions which Kye continued to answer maintaining that we would not be paying for these extras. When the down payment is higher than we expected he tells me there is an upgrade fee and the taxes are more than usual on this purchase.

    My daughter chose her extras, Kye put the screen protector on the phone, put the phone in the case, put the headphones she'd chosen in a bag, ran my credit card for the down payment, upgrade fee, and tax, printed and folded the receipt and sent us on our way.

    I reached into the bag to review the receipt (because I still do not believe TMobile is giving us these items worth nearly $400) and I see the phone listed with the price and then the down payment in the far right column.

    There's also the case, screen protector, and headphones. The price is listed as it is on the phone, but in the far right-hand column is $0. But down at the bottom, it says, "Installment Purchases Total $985.76"

    I ask him about this and at first, he shows me that the amount of the extras is zero. Upon closer inspection, I see this right-hand column is for "Down Payment Due Today." When I ask why it says $985.76 at the bottom, he acts confused and pretends to pull it back up on the computer.

    Meanwhile, I call TMobile from my phone to ask about this transaction. I ask the TMobile representative, Darryl, on the phone if my account was showing $22/month for 24-months for this purchase. Darryl says, "Yes, you will be paying $22/month for 24-months for the phone."

    I ask him to clarify what he means by "for the phone" and he tells me there are 3 other items in the transaction and the monthly installments for those will be another $17.

    While I'm on the phone with Darryl, both of the other men working in the store have come over to the computer Kye is on and they're all pointing to the screen and talking under their breath.

    In the end, these extras were removed from our account (Kye even removed the screen protector!) but I firmly believe this store is operating a scheme and intend to notify law enforcement.


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      • tmo_amanda

        stephannieweikert, I appreciate you making others aware of your situation. It makes me sad to read that this happened in one of our stores. I'm truly sorry that this situation occurred right in front of your eyes. While I'm happy to read that you were able to get the charges removed and the accessories returned, this never should've happened. I'd like to collect a couple pieces of information so I can get this forwarded to the appropriate team. I'm sending a private message your way. You can check your inbox here.