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First Billing Cycle


    Hello T-Mobile,


    I have switched to the All One Plan on 1/16/2018 and I have received a text saying my first auto debit will take place on 2/6/2018 for service from 1/17/2018 -2/16/2017. I spoke to a representative and was told my following auto debit will happen on 3/7/2018 for the service from 2/17/2018 – 3/16/2018, which makes sense. My question is, why am I being debited on the 2/6/2018 and not on 2/16/2018 as is when the full cycle of 30 days is completed. It seems like I am going to be paying a full month of service cost for only 20 days of service used on my first bill 2/6/2018. I know this is a postpaid and not a prepaid plan.


    Please advise.

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      • snn555

        Re: First Billing Cycle

        Auto-pay and Bill Cycles are preset to certain periods of the month for TMobile accounting purposes. You shouldn't have a full month charge for a partial months use that is why sometimes you see a month-and-a-half and sometimes only half a month on the bill when you first start Carrier Services.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: First Billing Cycle

          Hey there, and welcome! I'm so sorry to read that we didn't do a better job of onboarding you regarding our billing when you started your service -- that's a definite opportunity, thanks for taking the time to post here and let us know!
          Billing with T-Mobile is called Bill Current -- you're billed at the beginning of your bill cycle, and due dates for recurring charges are within that same cycle -- a little ahead of your cycle close date. For example, if your bill cycle runs from 1/1 - 1/31, your due date might actually be on 1/21. "Usage charges" (charges for things like international calls or play store purchase that are billed to your account, for example) aren't billed until the following month.

          I hope that explanation helps a bit, but please let me know if you have any more questions!


          - Marissa