How Do I submit a form requsting service in my area or at least advise TMO


    Is there a form I fill out? What of my neighbors signed a petition so TMO understand How many folks would benifet. The " free" cellspot only allows my neighbors to use Tmobile network just like they want. Any ideas

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      • dragon1562

        I would call in and file a trouble ticket with one of the reps. This would put you guys on the map as a troubled coverage area. If you can get multiple people to do it then it would draw even more attention. You could also try reaching out on social media like twitter. John Legere and Neville Ray tend to be very active and if they don't see it some one from the T-force team will for sure and will respond. Which will basically accomplish the same thing as calling in.


        This is two of the suggestions I would try first. I would also ensure that your towns local council is willing to work with T-mobile as far as approving permits and such.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, lguser!
          If you have service with us and are receiving less coverage than we'd expect based on the projections our internal maps show for your area, then I think that dragon1562's suggestion to reach out to our Tech team and have a ticket filed is the best one! If the area is congested and what you're experiencing is congestion, or if the area has only outdoor signal and that's what you're limited to, our teams may not be able to file a ticket (there is often a system limitation that prevents tickets from being filed when the experience matches up with what we'd currently expect). In that case, I think the petition is a great idea.

          You can find that by visiting this site: and clicking Petition in the upper right corner.