Fail to unlock note 8


    Hi guys I have a trouble with unlocking my galaxy note 8 locked to Tmobile


    I definitely bought it from one of the ebay sellers


    Also its IMEI was clean, brand-new with box, and still there has been no problem to use it


    but when I tried to unlock by using unlock app, it says failed


    So I contacted Tmobile customer service, they also said No,unable


    What should I do??


    I'm a prepaid customer, and I inserted my prepaid sim card into the note 8


    So there has been no issue with it


    Do I have to use the brand new sim card that comes with this device??


    everytime I go out of U.S, I have to temprorary unlock. really uncomfotable

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      • magentalifer

        Re: Fail to unlock note 8

        How weird that it lets you unlock temporary but not permanently. I would reach out to the seller to see if they can contact care to make sure the device is eligible.

        • snn555

          Re: Fail to unlock note 8

          Unlock your mobile wireless device


          Pay attention to the prepaid requirements.

            • doosanglee

              Re: Fail to unlock note 8

              due to my bad ability to understand


              I'm really confused, if possible


              could you summarize it for me???

                • snn555

                  Re: Fail to unlock note 8

                  Device eligibility is determined as follows:

                  • The device must be a T-Mobile device.
                  • The device must not be reported to T-Mobile as lost, stolen, or blocked.
                  • The account associated with the device must not be canceled, and be in good standing.
                  • You have requested no more than two mobile device unlock codes per line of service in the last 12 months.
                  • The device must satisfy all the Postpaid or Pay in Advance (Prepaid) Unlocking terms outlined below.
                  • T-Mobile may request proof of purchase or additional information in its discretion and certain other exceptions may apply.
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                  • magentalifer

                    Re: Fail to unlock note 8

                    Unlock eligibility for Pay in Advance (Prepaid) phones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices

                    • The device on the requesting line has been active for more than one year on the T-Mobile network.
                    • If the device has been active for less than one year on the requesting line, the Pay in Advance account associated with the device must have had more than $100 in refills since device first use date. $100 in total refills is required for each device that is requested to be unlocked and does not include the initial activation payment.


                    How long have you been with T-Mobile?

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                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Fail to unlock note 8

                  Just wanted to add to the info already here. The device must also be used on the T-Mobile network and the account must be active. Here is a full list of the Pay in advance unlock requirements.

                  • Account must not be canceled
                  • IMEI is not blocked
                  • Equipment is NOT on the Restricted Device List (there are specific devices we cannot unlock)
                  • Device is a model sold by T-Mobile
                  • Device's IMEI shows network usage on the line of service requesting the unlock
                  • Each active line can only receive two handset unlocks within a 12 month period.
                  • MSISDN / IMEI requesting must show usage and meet the required refill amount or be active for over 1 year
                  • If the IMEI has been used/registered for greater than 365 days from first use date the device qualifies for unlock regardless of refill history below.
                  • If the IMEI has been used/registered for less than 365 days, you must have $100 refill or greater since first use date of device on requesting line. Credits/adjustments do not count as refills.
                  • The first payment does not apply to the refill requirement, unless customers are on the Pay As You Go plan.
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