T-Mobile Throttling Video even Without Binge-On?


    So I recently switched to the T-Mobile 55+ plan which gives me unlimited data. I'm aware that the plan doesn't support binge-on, but due to not watching that many videos off of data it doesn't matter to me that much. However, whenever I turn the resolution in youtube up above 480p I get tons of buffering, and if I download an app that tracks download and upload usage I find that for some reason my video download speed is capped at about 1.6 mb/s, which is about the same (1.5 mb/s) that binge-on caps you at.


    I've verified that this is not in fact t-mobile's network being slow (if I visit a website I see spikes over 20 mb/s) and isn't youtube throttling me (the limit data when on cellular setting is off and I've tested on my home wifi, where speeds are fine), so my conclusion is that it must be t-mobile. T-mobile said they wouldn't throttle your video if binge-on is off: however, I can't even turn on binge-on yet it seems like I'm being throttled. Is there some sort of a glitch or am I just doing something wrong?

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        Re: T-Mobile Throttling Video even Without Binge-On?

        T-Mobile One plans don't include Binge-On.  All T-Mobile one sets videos to 480 and you have to add the One Plus addon.



        • All video streaming quality is limited to 480p
        • Tethering is limited to 512 kbps (3G speeds)
        • Smartphone and tablet usage is prioritized over mobile hotspot usage, so you may notice slower speeds if you are tethering
        • If you go over 50GB of data in a month, your data speeds may be throttled when you are in congested areas
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        • magenta4002819

          Yep, same issue here.  T-mobile is making it as hard as possible to stream in HD.  I called and got transferred all the way to some high up tech support, lol, and he told me I had Binge-on off, and that's why it was buffering.  So is it supposed on or off to stream in HD.  Turning it on made it worse, turning it back off, and now im fine.  Doesn't seem like my friends forum other carriers have this issue.  I wonder why a formerly good company like T-Mobile is screwing their customers.


          I guess just keep the lengthy process to watch in HD.


          Heres the process, watch video buffer, exit, go into apps clear data, this may work for a few videos, maybe not, next step call tmobile and spend your free time complaining and having them resest your signal (even if a speedtest concludes roughly 50 mb DL and 10mp UL speeds, they will reset your problemfree data, and somehow this solves the issue.  How about go back to the system they had before we all got screwed, that one seemed to stream just fine.


          What's wrong with letting people use up their data or not, and not screw the customers who pay the highest bills by buffering their service too.  Sad day when T-Mobile is going from top company to be on to most definitely the worst.